Lucas head to Global Terminal after he heard about the terminal that can let anyone battle with another people from around the world via hologram. As a token of appreciation, he gives the trainer an old rod. His female counterpart is Dawn. Lucas had to get through 2 gym trainers before he challeges Roark. He heads ton the northern part of the city to find legendary pokemon statue. After he registered, he battles some trainers(Gabriel, Zudo, Clara, Tania) from faraway regions through the GTS. At the outside of the building, he is run into Cynthia and give him a Pokemon egg. Although Barry ignores him, Lucas fells sucpicious about the man intention's. Dawn is disappointed when he doesn't choose Piplup because they will have same Pokemon if he do. Lucas arrives at Jubilife city where he meets the President of Poketch Company who gives him Poketch after Lucas gathered all tickets from three clown that scaterred in the city. The PokéFanon Encyclopedia is a fanfiction encyclopedia that can be viewed by anyone! He is currently training to become a fully-fledged Pokemon Trainer and defeat the Sinnoh League, and is travelling the Sinnoh Region with his sister and their lifelong best friend, Barry. Like Ness and Ninten, He is a timid young boy that can use psychic abilities referred to as PSI. He buys some Mulch and is given an Oran Berry from Berry Master. He tought that Ralts is not good at fighting because it often lost. He has Quirky nature. He said he loathe Hoenn region due to its climate. After he arrived, Hiker's son, Roland, confront Lucas and take him straigh to the gym. He also wears a dark red hat with a white and blue semi Poké Ball on the back. Also, I have part of Lucas's team with two pokemon that will be added later on, but need two more. As he reach the gate, he is blocked by a grunt but Lucas easily beat him. Luckily, they drop the key for the Valley Windwork. Beside his impassivity and coolness, Lucas is very cunning to read the situation. At the Battle Frontier arc, Kageromaru left his position to Hadoumaru because he want to live alone for awhile and he said the Lucario that he is strong enough and didn't need his training anymore, but not before the fierce battle between them. Lucas exits Mt Coronet and found a small house which belong to Berry Master. As he enter the dark Eterna Forest, he is approached by Cheryl and her Chansey, who accompany him while he is in the forest. Hometown: As he enters the Hearthome City, a stray Buneary runs into him with its trainer behind.She thanks him for catching her Buneary and suggest him to visit the Contest Hall. "Paul?" Lucas wears a light blue undershirt with a blue-white vest over it, a red scarf, baggy jeans, with red and grey shoes. Due to the various attractions and shops that have been provided by he city, Lucas plans to stay a little bit longer. He is the main character of the series DP: Sinnoh Stars. However, after several training, Ralts begin to become stronger and stronger everyday., Froid is from the French for chill. Lucas head to Global Terminal after he heard about the terminal that can let anyone battle with another people from around the world via hologram. Dawn is the female player character in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl as well as Pokémon Platinum.If the player chooses Lucas, the male player character, Dawn will be Professor Rowan's assistant. "Hey, Lucas! He looks around in a 180-degree angle and sighs. Lucas wears a light blue undershirt with a blue-white vest over it, a red scarf, baggy jeans, with red and grey shoes. The team Galactic grunts flee to the North after they lost the battle, while Prof Rowan and Dawn will return to Sandgem. As a thanks, the combee farmer give lucas a jar of Sweet Honey. age: 18. town: twinleaf town. 2 … He helps her tend the inn by becoming chef for her hotel. It is also plausible that Lucas can be partnered with Staraptor, who is a strong bird in its own right. Goromaru is the first Pokemon that join Lucas party. He rashly head to the gym and beat Gardenia to obtaine the Forest badge, which allow him to use HM Cut. Since we have their heights and weights, that's a better way to predict their ages. He leave to continue his trip after Lizzina thank him and give him a lot of fruits and berries. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While Barry leaves, Lucas investigate the plate on the Pokemon statue. … Lucas lives in Sandgem Town with his little sister, grandfather, and father—who works as an assistant of Professor Rowan. The trainer heads to the east from Eterna city through the Cycling Road which take him Mt Coronet. Lucas rest on the inn at Route 205 before he continue his journey. The bold Taromaru embolden himself and evolve into Lumineon and defeated the Tentacruel and quicky brought Lucas and the others to Pokemon center near the river. Lucas returned to Floaroma town to find some helps. He has a Mega Ringon his left wrist. He visits the Pick a Peck flower shop and get a sprayduck from the florist. Lucas is actually very perceptive, can quickly analyze the situation and overhear people or the enemy to get valuable information. Dawn (ヒカリ, Hikari): The female protagonist of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Lucas catches many kinds of Pokemon along his journey for the sake of completing Poked. Bianca appears as a recurring character in the anime. Due to the high quality of the Poffins that he makes, his Pokemon win the Normal Cute, Cool, and Tough contest in only one day.~To be continue. He met two Galactic grunts at Floaroma Meadow. I fell in love at the age of 8 and crushed on you at the age 6." Until he evolved into Kirlia. name: Lucas. However, only his main team will mentioned below. He went to Contest Hall and try to register for contest but get refused since he doesn't has a Poffin Case. Dawn is a short young girl with navy blue hair, fair skin and dark blue eyes. As a token of gratitude for saving his pokemon, the bike shop owner give Lucas a free bicycle. As the contest ended with Fantina's win as a result, Lucas confronts her and she reveals herself to be the Hearthome gym leader. Answered Lucas. One of his best move is Earthquake which often heavily damage the enemy. He is also dedicated to his friends, even helping his mom and neighbors when asked. Pokemonedenia Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. As one of the Pokedex Holders, Lucas is a passionate yet calm trainer unlike his adventure counterpart who appeared as a gluttony boy. When he approach and try to fish it, Lucas was surprised that it was a Finneon. He then heads to route 203 where he meets Barry and battles with him. His father taught him Kendo when he was 8. Pokémon Trainer is the term commonly used for a person who catches, occasionally names, and trains several different kinds and types of Pokémon. Character information Being from cold climate region, Lucas could not stand heat. Hadoumaru is his fans and ask Kageromaru to become his teacher because his fighting style. Looker meet Lucas again and make a quick inspection before he leave again. When Hareta was a small child, he was left in the custody of Professor Rowan by his father, Kaisei. Lucas Diamonte is the male protagonist of DP: Sinnoh League Battles. region: sinnoh. Lucario admired Kageromaru that he wanted to become his apprentice. The reason behind this is because he always brag his club. His sharp hearing and vision make him the fastest guy who gain information from the enemy or sense someone presence. Make him blacklisted among the gambler. After he registered, he battles some trainers(Gabriel, Zudo, Clara, Tania) from faraway regions through the GTS. Lucas is 4'7" and 83.8 pounds. They try to rob some of Honeys from the Combee farmer there. Both of them having stroll in different area. The professor should be waiting inside so let's-" Lucas was unable to finish because somebody had rammed into him causing them both to fall backwards. Ever since he watch "Fangs", a Pokemon universe versions of "Jaws" featuring killer Sharpedo on the movie, he is scarred of deep water, especially on the sea. Calem is a bit tall for his age and thin boy, and has straight, chin length black hair with gray eyes and wears a dark red hat with sunglasses. Pokemon that were released before HeartGold SoulSilver display the Pokémon level after the name in the top right, such as "Pikachu LV.12." He hardly train it. Hareta has the ability to understand wha… She is clumsy and hasty, but genuinely goodhearted and cares deeply for her Pokémon and the friends she makes on her journey. However, they can start later. Before he enter the cycling road, Prof Rowan's assistance confront and give him an Exp Share. So there are more than 400 Pokemon's on his PC. This can be proven by his hand-made Poffins. Lucas lives with his mother in Twinleaf Town and dreams to become a Pokemon Master with his best friend, so the two boys wanted to visit Professor Rowan at his lab. At the hall, he finds her mother talking to the women. In the Unova region,the playable character is around 16 to 17, not ten. Before he entered the Valley Windwork, Lucas meet a Pachirisu in the meadow outside the building. He can lose his cool and concentration if he stand on warm place too long. Lucas is a great cook. Pokémon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. badges collected: 8-Pokemon, moves and items-_____ GIRATINA-Lv 75-levitate-griseous orb He's not too picky about food, always eat whatever Lucas give. As you can see, he has Lonely nature. Lucas used his Magmortar to battle against Brendan's Rhyperior. He examine the plate of the statue and then go away. While Barry is hyperactive and rash nature and careless, Lucas is careful, calm, and try to keep his cool. Lucas "Randy" Diamond (Japanese:タカオ Takao) is the one of the supporting characters in Power Rangers Forever. As a token of gratitude, he gives him a Poffin Case which allows Lucas to participate the contest. Pokémon Trainers generally start their journey at the age of 10 (11 in Alola), when they receive their first Pokémon. "This is the research lab. He is known as Jimmy in the Pokémon Anime. Lucas is a calm guy. Sinnoh When Lucas visited the Fuego Ironworks at Route 205 at night, he saw a gliterring light moving underwater at the river. The owner is impressed with Lucas skills and grants him more berries for him to use. "I've been waiting for this for a long time." He also wears a blue track jacket with white stripes, navy blue slim fit pants, and black combat boots with blue laces. He finds the club is almost deserted and only has one member excluding the president. Together with his best friend Barry, and partner Pokémon Nae, there is nothing he can't do. He briefly visits the route 218 where he found some Fishermern who wants to batte and he beats him easily. His birthstone are Diamond which refer to his name: Koki from Kongoseki. Roark shows his Streght to Lucas then they head to the gym together. She is a friendly rival of Ash and occasional traveling companion. It evolved then to Grotle and then Torterra. This wiki features fan-made Pokémon, regions, games, cards, stories, theories and other related crossover fanfiction, all authored by people like you. He captured it but Finneon who really Bold are strongly defiant againts Lucas. He is the second strongest after Hilbert. Contents[show] Personality Lucas is kind to everyone he meets, and shows compassion to every type of Pokemon, no matter what it is. Magmortar is the last Pokemon that Lucas caught in front of Fuego Ironworks when he was still a Magmar. Dawn lives in Twinleaf Town with her mother and dreams big, so she and her best friend (and soon-to-be rival) have high hopes of catching the legendary Pokémon of their nearby lake. A pokemon story that involves Lucas. Hilbert (トウヤ, Tōya): The male protagonist of Pokémon Black and White. His polite and tranquil personality makes him dubbed as The Below Freezing Noble Prince. The first one is Goromaru, the second is Pachirisu, and the last is Tamagomaru (togepi). Hilda (トウコ, Tōko): The female protagonist of Pokémon Black and White. Debut: Large windmills lined the field behind the building, and many pokémon were running around the field. As a token of appreciation, he gives the trainer an old rod. Inside Mt Coronet, Lucas is encountered by Cyrus who talk to Lucas about the weakness and incompleteness of human spirit before he walks away. Unlike some other player characters, Dawn appears in three games, and her outfit changes in the third. As he still suscpicious about the Cyrus and Galactic grunts who roam the town, he investigates the Galactic buildingwhich located at the northern part of the city and he uses the HM1 that he got to cut the trees that barricade the entrance. Tamagomaru really like gambling but very Impish similiar to Gold's Togetaro from Pokemon Adventures. In the games. DOWNSTAIRS: D. Lucas's mother came in 15 minutes after Dawn did and put away her shopping, and made a pot of tea and put out some cookies and cakes waiting for the person coming round to see her house. He teachs his bidoof Rock Smash via HM to break the rock in order to proceed before he eventually send it home. Dawn his been seen in Pt design except for her earrings and Lucas has never been seen in his original outfit. Magmar are capable of taking hits and has a high defense but he has strange attitude such touching his fire on his head, yawning with tongue sticking out, and even perform Indian dancing. He also wears a dark red hat with a white and blue semi Poké Ball on the back. Lucas (JPJapanese: リュカRomaji: Ryuka)is the main protagonist of the Game Boy Advance video game, Mother 3, the third game in the EarthBound series. Ethan, also known originally and initially as Gold, is the main protagonist in Pokémon Gold/Silver, and the male protagonist in Pokémon Crystal as well as the remakes Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver.

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