These air compressors have functional pumps and cylinders that have a high-performance rating because of the oil lubricating the system. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. As of March 1st, we will not support this browser anymore. Free shipping . This is an oil lubricated pump with the heads in a 'W' sha Puma Manuals; Air Compressor; pk5020; Puma pk5020 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for Puma pk5020. It was my grandads so the manual is long gone if it ever had one. Yes. You don't need to be Professional to maintain a Puma Compressor Product. 4. and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. Or, with a handy supply of rags (you will need them) and a large container, pull the sump drain plug (can be seen in the image above) and drain all the oil into the container. Allow room for easy access to the air compressor for maintenance and service work. collect used oil. Air Compressor Pump 17. Is this the best advice you can offer. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. It’s often a straightforward question, but sometimes it is difficult to provide a simple answer. Puma Air Compressor Problem: 1. wARNINg _ compressor. The root of the vibration can stem from multiple sources, some internally and others externally. 5 Gallon Synthetic Oil. Any spray painting, sanding or the application of finishes would be ruined by oil entering the airstream. Measure the volume. Of more use in checking the compressor oil, since who can find their compressor manual years after we bought the darn thing, is to use either the sight glass or the oil dip stick. If your air compressor is running in a plant environment, one, or two or three shifts a day, you are probably changing the air compressor oil regularly, at about 200 hour intervals of use, or whatever that specific air compressor manual tells you. But what of those of us at home with workshop air compressors that will not likely see 200 hours of compressor use over a number of years? Like with many things, the answer is, it depends. Cross your fingers! How much oil does my air compressor need? Or, I’d be OK with putting oil in until I could see it by about 1/2″ on the dipstick. Which plug did you fill to the bottom of the threads to, the one on the pump front at the bottom or the one up and to the right of that one? Electric Motor. Excessive oil in compressor. Unscrew the cap of oil fill hole. Almost gone. Both of these issues indicate that the air compressor was overfilled with oil and are just mechanisms to get rid of the excess lubrication. I would like to know how much oil to put in it. Thanks much for your time. The presence of oil has a significant impact on the performance of the air compressor. Good day That’s when I decided to let well enough alone and seek some advice. Parts Filling up your air compressor sump to the top can actually result in serious and significant internal damage to your compressor unit. and tighten with the wrench. If you don’t already have a compressor oil dipstick, you can get this Rolair Oil Dipstick on Amazon. Inquiries are welcome at or call us toll free at 888-848-1668 or local 901-744-7979. If this is the case with your air compressor, you may want to double check to be sure that it actually is a compressor to which you must add lubricating oil. When the oil fill cap, and dipstick, are removed from the fill tube, it will look something like this next image. Can you please advise me. Another good example is oil getting into the airstream while sanding fine wood. Once you add oil to your compressor, the next best thing to do is to check the oil level sight glass. Close counts. I have an old late 70s era sears twin cylinder air compressor similar to a Speedaire 3Z406. Pumps with bad cylinder seals will allow even more oil to leave the compressor sump. Remove the drain plug using a wrench. Regardless of whether or not it actually freezes where you live, most winterization service recommendations are also basic, solid maintenance procedures that will help extend the life and operational efficiencies of air compressors regardless of whether you live in northern Maine or South Florida. Powermate Px P018-0084SP 100% Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil. Ideally, you want the oil level to be in the center of the dot. The higher plug should be the one to use, I would think. Best I can do, not seeing a photo of the compressor, and no sign of any manual that I could find. Take the measurements of your oil sump. No sight glass? How would you drain the oil from a Ryobi AC-25050 2.0HP 50l compressor, Alvin, this is from the Ryobi manual which you too can download here:, 1. Hitachi 881469 Replacement Part for Power Tool Oil Dipstick, DeWalt D55151/D55152 Compressor Replacement (2 Pack) Dipstick 5140016-78-2PK. One of the main indications that you added too much oil id when customers say: “There is oil coming out of my compressor lines”. However, if your Puma Air Compressor stops working for some reason and you are unable to get it going. Oil in discharge air. Replace rings. God bless and best to you. Compressor Oil Cross Reference by Manufacturer: Our air compressor oil and lubricants can easily be cross-referenced by manufacturer. The oil sight glass helps to determine the level of oil in the air compressor. When the used oil has drained, reinstall the drain plug Here are a few things that you must know about. Charge Air Coolers; Compressors; Compressor/Conversion Kits; Compressor Clutches; Compressor Components; Condensers; This is why oil is very important of air compressors because, without it, there will be too much friction which may very well damage certain parts of the compressor. The air compressor is designed with heat dissipation fins that allow for proper cooling. The logical first step to finding out how much oil the air compressor needs is to check the manual that came with the air compressor if you still have it. How Much Oil Does My Air Compressor Need? Maintenance Kit Type 2 includes :Seperator Filter, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Compressor Oil, V … Perhaps you might add a comment here with a photo of both sides of your compressor, preferably with the shroud off if there is one and we’ll have a look to see if we can assist? You do need to change the oil for your air compressor. Needs to be purchased by customer to meet local code. 60 Gallon Vertical Tank. GX CS3 PCP Air Compressor, Auto-Stop,Oil-Free, Built-in Water-Oil Separator Filter, Powered by Car 12V DC or Home 110V AC, 4500Psi/30Mpa,Paintball/Scuba Tank Compressor Pump 4.6 out of 5 stars 263 $499.99 $ 499 . Replacement Parts Available. Compressor air intake restricted. Construction equipment Compressor tilted too much. If the oil level is above the dot, you added too much oil. To make sure your air compressor is running efficiently, it is important to check your oil level regularly and to know how much oil your compressor needs. Drain oil, refill with oil of proper viscosity. Scored cylinder. It’s been years since the oil was changed in this unit, so I thought it might be a good idea to put new oil in the crank case but don’t know how much to use, or what weight oil is appropriate. ASME & CRN certified for safety to 135 working PSI. Vapors are typically removed using an activated carbon filter. Bob, there are so many air compressors in use today, so many styles and sizes of oil sumps. 2. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Keep the fins and Other parts that collect dust or dirt clean. Many projects have had to be scrapped in the past because of issues like this. Proper oil levels is important to keep your air compressor working efficiently and so you should make it a priority to check your oil levels regularly and know how much oil your compressor needs. It filled the unit up to the bottom threads of the fill plug, which seemed to be good enough. Compressor Won’t Turn on When excess amounts of oil become aerosolized by the compressor’s discharge, it can cause damages not only to your compressor, but to any pneumatic tools and accessories that are hooked up to your compressor. Can’t find model number anywhere. Norgren, a major manufacturer of compressed air treatment products, reminds us that “coalescing filters do not remove oil that is in the vapor state in the supply air. Look on the side of, and near the base of the pump, which is where the oil sump is located. 5. As we mentioned before, you should check your air compressor manual for the proper guidelines on adding oil to the compressor unit since different compressor brands and models will require varying amounts of oil. Acts like it has air in it so I opened drain plug up enough to where it started draining thinking I’d get any air out but still not doing right. Hello, I am Bill, the Compressed-Air-Man. You may see a sight glass similar to the one in the photo above. Gerald, I take it that when you dumped the old oil out, you no longer have access to the old to see how much came out? Screw compressors 2003 Puma PUK55086 Air Compressor, 4.8 Hp, 125 PSI, 8 Gallon Air Capacity, Honda GX160 Gas Engine, Tekton 50’ 3/8” Hose & Reel Disclaimer This Item was not Functionally Tested and no guarantees on condition or operability are made by BigIron. 40V High Capacity For Ryobi OP40261 40 Volt 6.0Ah LI-ION ... Puma 12 Volt Air Compressor 3.5 CFM 1 HP 150 PSI 1.5 ... Popular . Air treatment You have entered an incorrect email address! It is important to ensure that air compressors with oil-lubricated systems never run short of oil. Take the photo and the dimensions with you to the compressor store. Provides more power, easy to maintain. Looking for CHAMPION Air Compressor Pump with 6 oz. Typically when we think of adding/changing oil, we think about the oil in automobiles. We stock all popular lubricants for Anderol, Chevron, Exxon, and more. Model NA700 It may be found on the base of the pump for reciprocating type compressors or on the sump tank in a rotary screw compressor. You are, of course, keeping the oil in the sump to the correct fill level with new oil, as the compressor consumes oil. Having said that, if this were my compressor, I would be comfortable filling the sump to the bottom of the drain plug threads. Produces 12.6 CFM At 40 PSI; 11.3 CFM At 90 PSI. The manual will indicate the exact amount of oil your compressor needs. Understanding the cause of the vibration and how to resolve them will be critical in keeping your compressor in proper working order. Anyone else? Voltage: 380~415V/50Hz/3 Phase. Regardless of the type of compressor you have, vibration issues can be troubling for any business. Air compressors require constant oil lubrication to prevent friction on the pistons or screws and other moving parts. Or, with a handy supply of rags (you will need them) and a large container, pull the sump drain plug (can be seen in the image above) and drain all the oil into the container. Im really not trying to booger it up because it is a quiet good working pump, but I can’t measure the volume coming out if the plug pulled. Puma Oil-Lube Belt Drive Single-Stage Portable Air Compressors — 2 HP, 20-Gallon, Vertical, 5.0 CFM, Model# PK5020VP Find Similar Items . Place the air compressor on a firm and level surface. Noise level: 80 dB(A) Air outlet: 3/4" BSP. Overfilling the oil sump on a lubricated air compressor can create problems. 10 Stationary Electric Air Compressor Manual AIR COMPRESSOR FEATURES 80 80 Gallon horizontal Compressor 2 staGe inDustrial. We often receive calls from customers saying, “My compressor is spitting oil.” or “There is oil coming out of my compressor lines.”  Those are both indications that the air compressor was overfilled with lubricant. stage. Many modern compressors are built to be self-lubricating, and no external lubrication is needed. PUMA 5hp Piston Air Compressor Driven by 10hp Diesel Engine Puma PE Series with SGS Certificate PE5030TD Close the drain plug of course, since as soon as you start pouring oil in it will drain right out again, not not really solve the issue of the air dam, if that’s what the issue is. Wrong. An oil level any higher than this would be considered over-filling. An SAE 30 weight oil is recommended for compressors that operate in … When oil is added, it is usually filled near the top, which is why there is a common misconception of having the same practice for air compressors. I have an old Brunner air compressor and there is no sight glass and no dipstick. John, I, too, haven’t found any information on your model NA700. Convenient 1/2" ball-valve air outlet & 1/4" ball-valve drain. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Use an ounce or two more than this volume to refill the oil sump with fresh oil. > Air Compressors > Portable Air Compressors > Item# 305173; Item #305173 is no longer available. Brand new Puma, cast iron, 3-cylinder, single stage, 140 PSI max pressure, air compressor pump. If your air compressor is low on oil, you can grab the Powermate Px off Amazon, it’s a great, affordable choice. One of the most common things we see in the industry are air dryers being stored on top of the compressors. Once you have read the manual, you should be able to locate the oil sight glass on your compressor. Unlike adding oil to cars, where we normally fill up to the top, doing that is not a good idea for air compressors. Air compressors require constant oil lubrication to prevent friction on the pistons or screws and other moving parts. 8-Gallon twin tank, Single-Stage 9.0 CFM@ 100 PSI, portable air compressor- Quality cast iron single-stage compressor- Stainless-steel braided discharge hose- Belt tightening system pulls engine straight to ensure … More Info. Have questions about adding the proper amount of oil to your Chicago Pneumatic compressor? How Much Oil Does My Air Compressor Need. If you can monitor the fill level with the sight glass, then add oil in less volume, perhaps a small funnel, to allow air to vent beside the incoming air stream? Please use one of the following supported browsers to continue visiting our website, Use the links below to jump directly to the most searched topics, Pneumatic tools Model: PP-23. So, ideally, you want the oil level to be in the center of the dot. The dipstick and the cap have a small hole in them to allow the oil sump to breathe. I did try to fill the crank case with a 16 oz container of compressor oil that I purchased at the local hardware store. ... Oil Capacity: 5.7 litres. When choosing an air compressor oil, the first thing to consider is the compressor’s oil viscosity requirements. This oil sight glass is showing that the oil level is too high. 1. Weight: 283 Kg. Service. If your air compressor is oil lubricated, the manual will indicate so, and tell you how much oil the sump needs to be full. Oil Capacity (2Z203)? As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I sure hope I didn’t ruin anything. If the oil level is at the middle of the center dot (it’s a red one on this sight glass) then your oil is at the correct level. What the hell am i doing wrong or what’s happening here? Some people only think of changing their compressor oil if the compressor oil becomes black. PUMA 12 Volt DC 1.5 Gallon 3/4 HP Oil-Less Air Compressor Portable High 3.4 CFM. If the oil level is above the dot, you have added too much oil. How much oil is on an able cooke 340 magnum. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Moreover, oil in the compressor discharge can get into the airway and ruin the compressed air coming from the compressor. Buy Quincy 2V41C60VC Direct. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. In fact, it is better to underfill the sump just a bit than overfill it. With preventative maintenance, you’ll greatly reduce the risk of having projects ruined by the interference of oil in your compressor’s airstream. We have 1 Puma pk5020 manual available for free PDF download: Operating Instructions And Parts List Manual Free Shipping. Sadly I am struggling to find any information on how you put oil in it as there is no dipstick or viewing window as far as I can see . all general guidance information pages can only be that… general. If what I saw was the correct one, then it’s a pretty small sump. In the middle of the sight glass, you will see a dot. Maintenance Kit Type 1 includes :Seperator Filter, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Compressor Oil . 99 Worn piston rings. I have years of experience in industrial and residential compressed air applications, air compressors and general pneumatics. Oily discharge can also ruin your end-product, sometimes to the point where projects must be scrapped and reworked entirely. That’s not a good idea. 3. Air compressors. Always protect a vapor removal element by removing oil aerosols with a coalescing filter before the vapor removal filter.”. We use high quality and certified parts to assemble our air compressors. I’d put the dipstick beside the hole for it and see how far it extends down into the sump. ... PUMA PP-23 Product Code: PP-23 Brand: Puma. Clean or replace your air filters. Factors to Consider When Choosing Air Compressor Pump Oil. The manual will indicate exactly how much oil you should add into the sump for your model of compressor. Vibration pads may help with this : 6. Know that if you have an oil-lubricated compressor, you will need to add oil to the sump from time to time. $650.00 + shipping . Seems like a wasted space not being used on top of the compressor, right? Our Air Compressors and Air Dryers are available for rental. However, I do know that NuAir is now FINI compressors, and you can perhaps get info at: We produce and wholesale air compressors accessories, air tools, and air compressor. Find a compressor on display with a comparably sized oil sump, find the manual for the new compressor, and note the correct oil level for that compressor, and use that as a guide for yours. The oil level dipstick is typically part of the oil-fill tube cap. Easy "how to" video on changing the oil in an air compressor. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Grainger's got your back. In a bind, you can use a non-detergent (20 or 30w) motor oil for your compressor but I assume that most people won't have a non-detergent motor oil on hand for their automobiles so the "convenience factor" of only having to buy one type of oil is gone because you would have to buy specialty oil anyways, so why not just go with a compressor oil that is specifically made for the compressor. Royal Purple 01513 Synfilm Recip 100 High Performance Synthetic Air Compressor Lubricant – 1 qt. Well, whenever you fill up the sump with excess amounts of oil, the oil will be come aerosolized, which means it will be converted into a fine spray when the compressor discharges. Then if your air compressor is oil lubricated, it will almost invariably have a dipstick. The compressor still turns freely, but I won’t run it again until I know I have the right amount of oil in the crank case. Air compressors are made of many moving parts and require constant lubrication to prevent friction on the pistons or screws as well as all other moving parts. Low Oil Shutdown Option 18. Buy Puma PK5020 Professional Air Compressor, 7.1 cfm, 20 gal Tank; 115/230V and more from our comprehensive selection of Single-Stage Air Compressors with Storage Tanks 2. Mobil 101016 Automotive Accessories, 1. gallons, Ingersoll-Rand Ingersoll Rand 32305880 Start-up Kit for Model 2420/2340/2475 Air Compressors, Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Check the Quincy QT-54 Pro 5-HP 60-Gallon Two-Stage Air Compressor (230V 1-Phase) ratings before checking out. Your company purchased an air dryer for your compressor. This page is addressed at the DIY air compressor owner and the users of these, relatively low cost, home and small workshop air compressors. Why is that? Take a photo of it from two sides. If at this point you are wondering what type of oil to get for your compressor, the Powermate Px P018-0084SP 100% Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil, is a cheap, affordable option available on Amazon. Sounds like good advice to protect the life of the activated carbon filter. Motor: 3 HP / 2.2 KW. Piston Compressors 5. From there the oil flows into the tank along with the compressed air. Place a suitable container underneath the drain to However, filling your compressors oil sump to the top can cause significant internal damage to your unit. I can’t seem to find any answers on the web. Generators, Compressors To refill, use a funnel to pour oil. However when I ran the unit, after about three minutes of run time, the unit started to make screeching noises and before I could stop it, the unit almost froze up before I could pull the plug. Cordless tools We are specialized in this field and have sufficient ability to offer international ODM/OEM service. I have no book for the unit. If you are in a hurry I have a straightforward answer – you can use motor oil in your compressor only if it is engineered to use motor oil and you just need to look at the user manual to be sure, if you have lost it, use a 20W ISO 68 or 30W ISO 100 non-detergent one.Don’t ever use regular motor oil for Compressor if you … More on the oil sight glass below. This is why preventative maintenance is important. Manual . $242.95. Compressors Price $449.50. Before adding any oil to your air compressor, you want to check your compressor manual for guidelines on checking/adding oil to your unit. The SWAN Air Compressor lines, manufactured by Tong Cheng Works Co., Ltd , include Oil-less air compressors, Screw Compressors, Reciprocal Air Compressors, Silent Air Compressors, Portable Air Compressors, Air Boosters, Air Dryer, Air Filters…etc. Even with that, you do want to change out the oil with a fresh supply once a year as a maximum interval between compressor oil changes. I eagerly await your reply. If your air compressor uses a sight glass to help determine the oil level in the sump, examine yours, and see where the oil level is. The Puma Air Compressors are pretty reliable and they don’t tend to stop working more often. I created this site to help professionals, students, and DIYers understand and properly implement and maintain compress3ed air systems. Mi-T-M Corporation Air Compressor Model: AC1-PH55-08M Product Description: 8 Gallon- 1 Stage Compressor- 9.0 CFM- 5.5 HP Honda Engine"5.5 HP Honda OHV. This air compressor pump features a complete cast iron body, cylinders, as well as cast iron heads, which ensures a long life even in the hardest working conditions. That is adding fresh oil, depending on how much your air compressor oil gets consumed. No sight glass and no discernible markings on the dipstick? Absence of the hole, or if the hole is plugged, may lead to pressure or vacuum to develop in the sump. © Copyright 2019 - CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Can You Use Motor Oil in Your Air Compressor. To make sure your air compressor is running efficiently, it is important to check your oil level regularly and to know how much oil your compressor needs. Best To Cool Down and Quiet Your Compressor: Best To Extend The Life Of Your Compressor: Check Out This Great Pancake Compressor At A Bargain Price, The Craftsman Is One Of The Best Home Compressors You Can Buy – Click To Check Price, Check Out This Fantastic Compressor With 3000 Reviews. Replace cylinder. What a mess! So while there is a risk in adding too little oil and causing friction and overhearing, there is also a risk in adding too much oil to your air compressor. To keep your air compressor running as efficiently as possible, it is important to make sure it is always operating at the proper oil level. Once you add the recommended amount of oil, find the oil sight glass on the compressor and check to ensure that you can see the oil clearly. I drained old oil and when i try to fill it to correct level it doesn’t seem to fill correctly. Roger, not knowing the make or model of the compressor you have, I can only surmise that the fill tube is fairly small and the flow of oil into the tube is trapping air that is making a bit of a blockage until the bubble clears. 55 Gallon Synthetic Oil . Belt Drive With Sturdy Guard Housing. Level compressor. Single piston unit. I looked on line and think I saw an image of what the Able Cooke 340 Magnum air compressor looks like… I think! Remember, to keep your compressor operating at its optimal, you will always need to make sure that it is operating at the proper oil level. This can damage the compressor as well as any related pneumatic tool, accessories and other peripherals attached to the compressor. Decal - Operating Instructions 19. A clean compressor runs cooler and promotes longer life. I have a NuTool NuAir compressor 1997 built Normally, this glass may be found on the sump tank in a rotary screw compressor or on the base of the pump for a reciprocating type compressor. 3.

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