The result is frustrating and the maintenance is costly. Barns, Boarding, and Farms. Why do horses eat dirt, wood, and other indigestible things? Is he eating it because he’s lacking something in his diet? They probably don’t taste good, and if better food is available, the horse won’t touch them. Please let us know a convenient time to call you on, (*All time slots are available in CDT zone.). I recently purchased a six-year-old gelding for trail riding. Only 41% of the horses in the study were exercised, so supplemental feeding was not necessarily related to workload but perhaps related to pasture quality. If a horse is eating bark, don't assume that they aren't fed or hayed well. There is error while submitting your request. Horses vote on wearing rugs. Eat Bark and Wood Beavers are a good example of a hindgut fermenter. Is he eating it because he’s lacking something in his diet? My other horse has been turned out in the same field for years and never touched the trees. The stripped these trees up to approximately twenty feet. They also noticed horses preferred smooth, easy to strip bark from smaller and younger trees, particularly beech trees. She eats well and she gets plenty of mix and some grain. The horses in the pasture next door are doing the same thing. Since you’ve recently purchased this horse, it’s likely you haven’t yet had a chance for your veterinarian to visit for a dental check up and you may not know the last time he’s had his teeth floated, if at all. Read our, The magazine for people who are passionate about horses, Question of the Week: My horse is eating tree bark. Previous studies have shown when given the option horses like to eat as wide a variety of vegetation as possible. 10% off dog and cat toys with code 10%OFF, 05 Jan 2020 - Behaviour, Husbandry, Latest, 13 Oct 2018 - Behaviour, Husbandry, Latest, 07 Mar 2018 - Behaviour, Husbandry, Training. Two of our horses never touched the bark until we introduced our third horse this past August. Other than being destructive and annoying and eventually lethal for the trees, bark chewing isn’t typically “bad” for your horse. Why Do Horses Eat Bark Off Trees..Boredom. Not only this, but a horse eating their bed means you need to spend extra money on bedding. Why would a horse eat bark. One of my horses has recently started eating bark off of the pine trees in the pasture. Horse Tack. I'm stumped. The result is frustrating and the maintenance is costly. The tannin may also get in … (2006). Dr. Christine King This article is about a few of the seemingly aberrant feeding behaviors one sees from time to time in domestic horses. Sharp edges on teeth created by uneven wear will create sores on the tongue and insides of the cheeks, resulting in excessive drool production. Coprophagy (kopros from the Greek for feces, and phagein which is Greek for eating) is not the same as pica that is eating dirt, twigs, sand, … he had a good quality grain twice a day w/supplements. These horses have been eating the bark off the trees. Most are not ill, teething or windsucking, most are simply using the wood as a tasty fibre treat. Showing Horses. It is possible this is a bad habit your horse has brought with him to his new home, or a sign of boredom. Drooling while eating grain is a common indicator of dental issues. van den Berg, M., Brown, W. Y., Lee, C., & Hinch, G. N. (2014). Horse Riding and Horse Activities. 73% reported their horses eat foliage other than grass, such as shrubs, trees, leaves and twigs. Many horses will chew wood, whether it be wooden fences or trees, on a regular basis. For example, the wood splinters can be responsible for perforating the stomach or bowels of a horse, which not only causes a lot of pain but can cause other detrimental health consequences as well. Horse Care. They loosen the bark and peel it … These horses have been eating the bark off the trees. i think this was just a bad “mouthing” habit that wasnt going to stop. Equine oak toxicosis is usually only seen in starvation cases where there is absolutely nothing else in the pasture for them to eat.

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