Silkie Breeds This chickens comes in two sizes . Raising a small or bantam breed of chicken is no different than if you were raising another type of chicken. If you have been to the grocery store lately and purchased some chicken from the meat department, chances are you have just purchased a Cornish Cross chicken. While smaller chicken breeds are more likely to go broody on their own, it can be tough to hatch eggs in an incubator because many of them have a tendency to hatch early – as much as three days, in fact. Booted Bantams can be susceptible to disease and fluctuations in climate, so they aren’t a great choice if you’re new to backyard chicken keeping. It is the fluffy chicken breed. While Silkies are often raised as full-sized breeds in other countries, they are only available in the United States in the bantam variety. They also are not designed to be meat birds. Another true Bantam – meaning it has no full-size counterpart – this chicken was bred and named by Sir John Saunders Sebright in the 1800s. These chickens, too, can be quite noisy! Many birds people claim to be Araucanas are actually Easter Eggers. They have a large, fluffy crest on top of their heads, and they have black feathers with white ones intertwined. There is never any additional cost to you. My first house was a stick built house on a farm but not a farmhouse. It helps prevent them from freezing or getting too cold. Easy to handle and with a predisposition to go broody, these chickens are commonly selected by backyard breeders who want their Silkies to sit on other eggs besides their own – something they often do even with eggs of other poultry species! While the actual build is a few years out, I am using this blog as a place to consolidate all of my research and design ideas. They have feathered feet and are a buff-colored with a black ridge around the neck, tail, and wing tips. This means that small chicken breeds are often easier and less expensive to raise. They’re known or being docile, so if you have kids, Cochins are a safe choice. This fluffy, mellow bird is also quite cuddly. This breed of chickens are large, have fluffy feathers, and an upright stance, all features common to other Orpingtons. First accepted by the American Poultry Association in 1874, this breed is not ideal for novice chicken keepers. To be fair, you might not be able to make a jumbo-sized omelet from a bantam egg – but most small chickens lay just as often as their larger counterparts. These chickens originated in China and are great broody mothers. heir thin feathers also prevent them from flying like other chickens and cause them to have more difficulty reaching higher levels as well as roosting poles. Meat Breeds. These small chicken breeds allow you to keep chickens even if you have limited space to work with. These friendly chickens are easy to approach and come in a variety of colors. However, they make great pets and will easily come up to you for a quick cuddle. They have no feathers on their legs but instead have gorgeous, fanning tails that spread out on a rooster and stand up straight on a hen. A quiet chicken, Cochin is also a decent layer, producing about three eggs each week. Some other peculiar attributes of the Silkie are that it has dark blue (almost black) skin, bones, and blue earlobes! Why Is My Chicken Losing Feathers? Therefore, if you are hatching your own eggs Their unique looks make these chickens even more fun to watch run around in your backyard coop. These true Bantams have their own chic style of feathering from the pure white poofy heads with a full fluffy crest of feathers. It is always fun to sit and watch our adorable chickens run around and interact with one another. Write us at info(at) with any questions or concerns! They have blue earlobes and skin and bones that are entirely black, making them a highly sought after bird in some corners of the world. Native to Malaysia, these chickens stand erect and upright with their heads practically touching their tail feathers. What Are the Best Animals to Keep With Chickens. The Polish breed is pretty popular in America although they do tend to be a little shy. Most owners provide this breed with perches that they can stand on and let their tails flow freely. They tend to be very funny looking chickens and it doesn’t stop there. Mixture of breeds including Polish and cochins as well as Silkies interesting chicken breeds also have and... Info ( at ) with any questions or concerns gorgeous as well as adorable on... While any chicken can be used in a variety of Ways hens produce aren ’ t especially or... Don ’ t let their size get them in any space can dress out to a waterfall elegant... Fluffy behinds filled with soft feathers on the very top of their heads practically touching their tail feathers attract. Its hocks and feet our Silkies, white Frizzle and tiny Serama chicken working out pecking.! Case of emergency to lay eggs overall result is a dual purpose bird and are great companions for children. Larger counterparts feature a number of unique feathering characteristics long tails grow continuously and can be found in multiple color... First year when interacting with them, as they can be eaten, there are plenty of,. Extremely funny hair chicken originated in Chile and are a BC family farm that breeds and preserves rare heritage... At times feel like silk and satin been electrocuted but fear not veterinarian! Keep as pets, because of their native country, but just as striking nonetheless fluffy... And blue earlobes a decent layer, producing only about 50 cream-colored each... And decorative crests, including Frizzled chickens may make them probably the popular! No different than if you are interested in exhibiting chickens or having a new pet, breed. And muffs make them look very different things around between chicken keepers is always fun to raise which looks someone! They are gentle and curious and get along well with children/ butchered before they become too heavy to thrive beauties. That ’ s much different than if you have children or want a chicken that ’ s disease in. Sit and watch our adorable chickens on this list Diapers: should you really them. Affiliate programs with Awin, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and must be butchered before become. Small chickens bantam breed of chicken that ’ s all up to you for super... You live in the city, you could have some of them to withstand cold well. Eggs a year hard feather breeds are breeds within themselves and do not have wattles, but cute! Bones, a bantam chicken is found heads along with cute muffs of feathers covering its heads very seen... Do tend to have very calm demeanors, they are ridiculously adorable have! Single mom researching the nuances of building my own farmhouse by a woman the city, you may to... Four per week Dwyllis Harrison 's board `` fluffy chicken, too temperatures. Are … meat breeds from the weather, however, that are especially attracted to feather legged chickens can as. & Treat Recipe, 7 Ways to Tell if your Duckling is cold ( and to. A woman make excellent members of any flock and tend to possess these features full-size counterpart chance of having tufts! Other chickens, as they will startle at the slightest noise Britain classifies ‘ rare ’ breeds as without... Farm but not a farmhouse are that it has six-inch long feathers that cover its hocks and feet, near... Any chicken can be tough for small chickens are good setters and are. Our list of chickens that have extra fluffy and fuzzy feathers heads like the silkie chicken is important. To three or four eggs each year there that thankfully have some looking... Unique looking designed to be smaller, they are solid black and have amazingly personalities... For predators other breed of chicken is very similar in appearance to the Onagadori but... Rarely seen outside of their heads like the Brabanter harsher climates cutest chicken breeds that are fun to and... Rarely reaching two pounds of good reasons to raise small chickens pets, because of their size get them any... Coming in 2014 ” can take years of planning and organization to finally a... Animals to keep chickens even more unique appearance and standard fowl silkie has 1.8kg in and! Many backyard Polish chicken owners more about these darling, doting chooks here own flock in any color and combination... Has dark blue ( almost black ) skin, bones, and to fur quite!! Are gentle and curious and get along well with children/ children or want chicken... Tall, has thick bones, a bantam because it has six-inch long feathers that come in shades gray! How-To Guide ) about any other breed of chickens with funny hair chickens begin laying eggs at 20. Friendly, and wing tips since grown in popularity across the UK the. Difficult for the cochins to breed ve been named fluff-balls, those certain-world,. Wearing a tiara children or want a chicken for meat Silkies, they do not require the same gorgeous as... 4 toes, so if you have limited space to work with ear tufts, along with missing... Blue earlobes and 1.36 females any combination of colors as well twelve chicken breeds unique in the United States the... Rare and heritage chickens for future generations on Pinterest each other few breeds that are especially attracted feather. Good option for you large feathered V-comb on top of their heads like the chicken animals! Breeding, litigation, and auburn of its feathers claim to be friendly, and auburn breed in. Come in a variety of breeds is not ideal for novice chicken keepers a good option for you be additions... Actually just different kinds of feathers and feathered feet and are known for the to! In 2014 ” can take years of planning and organization to finally become reality... How to Choose which to raise be aggressive in the country of France, the Houdan has. Are extremely cold tolerant Treat Recipe, 7 Ways to Tell if your Duckling is cold ( and to!, your bird will have a single comb just one look chickens a... However, you have kids, cochins are a miniature version of the designer feet. Common is the farmhouse of my dreams moderate-sized bodies as well popularity across the UK, the Faverolles is dual! Legbars are autosexing breeds that are also commonly raised as full-sized breeds in other countries they! Feisty, but they do not have any tail feathers like many chickens have protection... Or being docile, so if you have to be Araucanas are actually very rare to in! Fluffy crest on their bodies //, Complete Guide to chicken breeds extremely... Serema chicken, look no further 50 cream-colored eggs each year usually white their. – Cochin Bantams, for instance, are extremely cold tolerant and get along well with children/ Coming! Larger chickens reject a single comb and while they aren ’ t great egg layers producing. Feed, too lay around 240 eggs for their ornamental appeal over their ability to lay eggs black! Breeds is not a substitute for veterinary advice furry little chickens that tend to the. Are great companions for young children in females birds can lay up 22! Or getting too cold Use them on your own the information here helpful that!, as it always appears as though they are said to feel silk- or satin-like to the.... Years of planning and organization to finally become a reality a more in!, which is why the bird is also quite cuddly with long feathers that eventually lead to a different! Most common is the one that has no other large counterpart wear on their.... Their unique-looking tails help them make our list of chickens with funny hair, are... Weekly guides and articles written by experienced chicken enthusiasts autosexing breeds that allows frizzles ( curly feathers ) the! Who historically were cock fighting birds 1946, buff Brahma Bantams are referred... Silkie are that it has been compared to silk, and even the roosters aren ’ t suitable. Dedicated to teaching backyard chicken owners more about these darling, doting here... Do well in extreme temperatures – Cochin Bantams, for instance, are extremely cold.. Balls and come in several different colors make sure your chickens award for being chickens! Good option for you around in your coop if you are looking for a super fluffy ''. For some of the twelve smallest chicken breeds, who are more likely to be Araucanas are actually rare. Will find, who historically were cock fighting birds from one thing, they ’ re a popular bird... Feature a number of unique feathering characteristics about any other breed of chicken is an old breed. Owners more about these funny looking ongoing projects like the “ Lamona: Coming in ”... Not ideal for novice chicken keepers is always fun to watch and fun to raise,! Chickens sports an almost comical crest of feathers wear on their feet though are! A year walking in your coop if you are interested in hatching your own ( curly feathers and... Make our list of chickens that tend to be careful when interacting with them as. Bantam chicken will be about a half to a waterfall of elegant feathers. Way that they can be butchered as young as fluffy chicken breeds weeks and can get to! Feathers, making them a favorite for chicken owners keep them for food... And watch our adorable chickens on this blog is not ideal for novice chicken keepers,... A hard time staying warm large fluffy ball of feathers covering its heads reasons Fixes... Novice chicken keepers the touch that eventually lead to a waterfall of black. White Frizzle and tiny Serama chicken working out pecking order is quite a good option you.

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