You won’t regret it! Very happy with my purchase for the price! So excited for this plant ❤️. If you get the chance I would get it. Came well-packaged, but a little bit of the dirt fell out. Coming right along in her glory. Her new leaf is changing everyday and was not hurt at all in transit, her pink spots are beautiful and the new lighter variegation is still so stunning. I couldn't be more happier with my purchase. Pink Princess philodendron P. erubescens ‘Pink Princess’ Plants with leaves so dark they are nearly black are a rarity in the houseplant world, that’s why 'Pink Princess' has so much wow-factor. Red Princess philodendrons are beautiful hybrid plants with large, slightly arched and full leaves that stand out in every room making them great plants for the home, office or cool garden. Consider buying from this company! I hope I will get more color variegated leaves soon. Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’ (Philodendron erubescens)Plants with black leaves are rare in nature. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { Philodendron "Pink Princess" $190 - $550 Photo credit to Trinity Shi/Cube House Jungle. Awesome variegation for a BP. Just look at Gundy! The dark green to deep burgundy foliage provides a royal contrast with the pink variegation. Prince of Orange (or Princess of Orange if the holder is female) is a title originally associated with the sovereign Principality of Orange, in what is now southern France. 14. My only tiny gripe is that the plant in the picture shows at least one variegated leaf and mine has nothing. It does seem to be losing the oldest leaf, but is probably just acclimating. Thank you GP; can’t wait to see what other treasures I’ll be getting from you all! 100% Upvoted. 4875 Gabriella Ln Oviedo, FL 32765. These 4" Philodendron are either below our Arguably, the Philodendron "Pink Princess" is very well at the 2020 Philodendron craze center. })(); Be the first to review “Burgundy Princess”. The plant can either climb or cascade from a hanging basket with leaves that grow up to 8 inches long. Heat pack was a success. Very healthy and she’s about to put out a new leaf! My Burgundy Princess arrived big and beautiful in just 2 days. I love Gabriella Plants! Newer leaves still show pink, but a beautiful plant! Will definitely be purchasing more beautiful plants from them very soon! Princess has already pushed out a new pink speckled leaf. We developed one of the safest ways to ship plants by mail and average less than 1% of issues each week. Shout out to Miriam. Highly recommend the bpp, Plant is in a healthy condition but I have paid that much of price to have a little bit of pink variegation in it so little upset. Thank you so so much! pink princess philodendron cutting. It arrived in perfect healthy condition. The packaging was top-notch & the communication on my order status kept me up to date perfectly. It arrived with 4 leaves and was a bit banged up from shipping (moreso than other purchases). sizes. Gorgeous healthy plant. 286 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘philodendronburgundyprincess’ hashtag Minor shipping damage but overall happy with the level of variation for a “burgundy”. Couldn’t recommend more, wish list plant crossed off the list! May not be enough to meet their standard of a ppp but for sure net mine. Customer service response was fast when I reached out for a mistake on my end, thanks Miriam! Thank you! Shane and his team do an amazing job. This thread is archived. I really thought my experience would be a bit different. Even though she’s a princess…even princesses need support. It also had more variegation than I was expecting. Beautiful. I'm amazed at how much pink this Burgundy Princess has. The plant is big and doesn't look like the variegation has reverted. I love this plant so much but just was hoping for more pink because it didn’t even come with a speck, I’ve seen other burgundy’s with lots of pink so just was taken back by mine but she’s giving me gorgeous green leaves! This is such an exciting time…who would love burgundy leaves with beautiful pink variegation? Philodendron Pink Princess Burgundy Reverted Unrooted. Good job Shane and Veronica. I changed mediums (leca/ perlite) and it was not happy and I lost the most stunning leaves at the bottom but this thing is hardy and bounced back after a few days. If you have the chance, snag one of these! Exceeded my expectations! Upon arrival box was a little beat up as well (probably UPS fault). The plant I received was sopping wet and the leaves yellowing. Here are just a few reasons. Not only the plant was literally only green with one dot of color I also received broken plant sadly and now I have to wait to send this back to get another one. Arrived in great condition. Philodendron Pink Princess Propagation. Philodendrons leaves are usually large, imposing, often lobed or deeply cut, and may be more or less pinnate, leaves can be oval, spear-shaped, or in many other variations, all philodendrons produce cataphylls to protect new leaves and most of them have both aerial and subterranean roots. This burgundy looks better than a PPP I bought at a local nursery a couple of months ago. She’s beautiful! Click here to read more about our order limit policies. } The packaging at GP is simply the best, as well as their customer service and quality! The plant was packaged really well, it is super healthy. Less Variegated Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’ (Philodendron erubescens) One of the most popular plants right now is Philodendron ‘Pink Princess.’ These beauties are hard to keep in stock because of slow plant growth and high demand. New leaf came in a week after receiving! Plant name: Philodendron Burgundy Princess Category: Indoor and semi Outdoor. $12.50 4 bids + $8.30 shipping . I’m shook. Being a blushing Erubescens (meaning "red" in Latin), the "Pink Princess" has noticeable magenta stems. My new BPP was more beautiful than I expected. I snagged her on a ghost update weekend and couldn’t be happier! I snagged this beautiful BP from a ghost update and couldn’t be happier! I never thought of buying one until it was available. Plants never always look perfect, no matter what magazine ads or Instagram influencers try to say. Then just this week it starting pushing another leaf out with a pop of pink! Philodendron Burgundy Get the hardy air purifier houseplant today! The infamous "PPP," the talk of the town in 2020! Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. All my other plants I ordered previously came in really good condition. This makes me feel like it's not normal to receive one in the size I got. She has some beautiful variegation and big leaves, with a new one unfurling! The stem has nice variegation and I have high hopes! This is a gorgeous plant, so healthy and vibrant. Really appreciate the excellent packaging and email communication every step of the way. What an amazing plant! Philodendron erubescens is a vining plant by nature, so be sure to give it a trellis or post to climb on. Thank y'all so much for everything you do. I order plants at least once a month from here. This one has a decent pink splotch which is nice for a burgundy princess. The picture doesn't do it justice. Awesome looking leaves when it got to me. It was packaged with care as always. The variegation is better than most full PPP I see around for sale. So gorgeous! My burgundy princess arrived big and healthy! Arrived quick and safely. Philodendron Pink Princess Burgundy Reverted Top Cutting Unrooted Four Leaves. window.mc4wp.listeners.push( So worth it. My princess was packaged carefully, and arrived in mint condition. I feel bad complaining about my plant at all. } Love the touches of pink. I was expecting old Gabriella Plants quality. Was super excited because I’ve seen photos from other people showing lots of variegation on the bpp but unfortunately I was not one of the lucky ones and got one with no variegation on the stem. This is what you guys call a burgundy princess? Not enough items available. While not true of all philodendrons, many will begin vining down, or climbing up if given the opportunity. Philodendron plants are tropical flowering plants in the family Araceae.Many of the 480 species of Philodendron plants are popular houseplants thanks to their large, green leaves. All my other Philodendrons are happy except for my Pink Princess. This was my first order from Gabriella, certainly won’t be the last! listeners: [], Thanks Holton for the great pick! I've purchased plants from GP before and the quality from then to this has definitely decreased. Has little specks of pink here & there. A couple days later another leaf died. It survived three days of being boxed up without any sunlight. She arrived in perfect condition. This plant was healthy and pest free but nowhere near the Philodendron ‘pink princess’ I purchased from Gabriella for only $50 more a few months ago. Allow the first inch or so to dry out before watering again.

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