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Shooting is a military skill and an Olympic sport.  Marksmanship has a long history in the Air Cadets and remains a popular activity.

Think you can concentrate on distant targets and fire with consistent accuracy? It's not easy. It requires focus, agility and a very steady hand.

We’ll teach you to handle a variety of weapons safely. Firing is always done lying on your stomach (the prone position) at static targets. As you progress you can experience different types of shooting practices and then different weapons.  If you show an aptitude for shooting you can take part in competitions.

Ranges come in different shapes and sizes but all are in controlled conditions with full training on any weapon that you handle.  Before you are allowed to shoot you must be trained and pass a Weapons Handling Test.  The Test simulates the drills you will go through on the range, your understanding of weapons safety and weapons care.

The weapons you could have the opportunity to shoot are

BSA Scorpion Air Rifle

No8 .22 Calibre Rifle

L98A2 5.56mm Rifle

L81 7.62mm Rifle

The Squadron has its own .177 calibre BSA Scorpion target rifles.  This is an optional introductory weapon however you can still achieve all of the marksmanship qualifications on this weapon.  We have an indoor air rifle range at the Squadron.

Next is a .22 calibre rifle call the No 8 Rifle.  This rifle is based on the Lee-Enfield No 4 Rifle that was used in World War 1.  However it is still very accurate and a good weapon to fire. 

Once a cadet has mastered the No 8 Rifle and reached the age of 14 they can move on to the Service Rifle.  We use the 5.56mm L98A2 Cadet General Purpose Rifle, which is similar to the SA80A2 which is used by Regular troops but it does not fire fully automatic. 

And finally you can be trained to fire the L81 Full Bore Target Rifle.  This fires the much bigger 7.62mm round and we normally use it at targets at least 400 metres away.


Sqn HQ Address

332 (High Wycombe) Squadron HQ

Kennedy Avenue

High Wycombe 
HP11 1BY

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We parade on Tuesdays and Thursdays.