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No3 CS95/MTP Routine Wear

No 3 Service Dress covers all forms of field exercise clothing, including the Combat Soldier 95 (CS95) DPM and PCS-MTP range. Field exercise clothing is defined as clothing that is required to be worn for training and exercises. CS95 / PCS-MTP is not issued as part of the initial kitting scale for either male or female personnel.

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All CS95/MTP jackets and shirts are to be worn with the following standard insignia:

a. The union jack emblem, when worn, is to be positioned centrally 5cm below the shoulder seam on the left arm or with MTP is to be positioned with the upper corners meeting the edges of the left badging plate.

b. (CS95 Only) The embroidered RAF identity patch (RAFVR(T) Officers only) and the Air Cadets patch (WO / SNCO (ATC) and cadets) is to be affixed centrally and immediately above the right hand breast pocket of the CS95 field jacket and shirts only. The green patch measures 16cm x 3cm and is embroidered in black. 

c. The RAF Tactical Recognition Flash (TRF) replicates the colours of the RAF Stable belt. It is to be worn by RAFVR(T) officers only.

d. The ACO Staff Formation Flash replicates the colours of the RAF Stable belt with the addition of an eagle and ‘AIR CADETS’ embroidered in

black on the ACO Staff Flash. It is to be worn by WO / SNCO(ATC) only.

e. The ACO Cadet Formation Flash is green with a Viking glider, RAF roundel and ‘AIR CADETS’ embroidered in black. It is to be worn by all cadets.

f. The TRF/Formation Flash on CS95 is to be sewn centrally on the right sleeve with the top edge 7.5cms below the shoulder seam or with MTP sewn centrally on the right badging plate.

CS95 Shirts and Trousers are to be ironed with creases along the sleeves and legs.

All MTP uniform and the CS95 jackets are to ironed flat with no creases.

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In hot conditions the MTP and CS95 shirt may be worn untucked, and the CS95 shirt may have its sleeves rolled up.

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Black boots may be worn with either CS95 or MTP

Brown boots may only be worn with MTP.

Both black and brown boots must be polished all over to a workable condition.



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