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No 2a (Long Sleeved) Routine Working Dress

No 2a SD Long Sleeved is service issue long sleeved shirt and tie.

The service issue wedgwood blue shirt worn with creases pressed in on each sleeve running from the centre of the epaulette to the cuff. Sleeves are never to be rolled up and must always be worn with a tie.

The Black tie is to be tied in a Double Windsor knot and be long enough to reach the top of the belt.

Only the Service issue No 2 SD trousers are to be worn. They are to be worn with pressed in creases front and back, extending the full length of each leg. 

The blue/grey issue belt is to worn or authorised pattern stable belts may be worn.

Shoes are to be Issue black oxfords (Officers and WO (ATC) only) or DMS shoes. 

Black socks are to be worn.

All personnel may wear No 2a SD indoors and outdoors, as a routine working dress, throughout the year. 

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Sqn HQ Address

332 (High Wycombe) Squadron HQ

Kennedy Avenue

High Wycombe 
HP11 1BY

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We parade on Tuesdays and Thursdays.