Ever wondered why our Squadron crest has a swan surrounded by flames, or why we wear the uniform...

We do a host of different activities in the Air Training Corps and we try to enable every cadet...


A large part of cadets is learning and developing young people's ability to work as a team, not only as a good follower but being able to lead a team. As a squadron we run many different leadership nights were we have exercises desgined to stretch the Cadets ability to lead and problem solve in pressure situations. We aim to keep the exercises fun and productive so that every member of the team can learn and enjoy the experience.

We always set our exercises to follow a SMEAC pattern similar to what the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force use so the cadets can be prepared for what is expected of them if they join the Military or carry forward into their civilan careers.

Example - Exercise Mine Field


Whilst out on patrol as part of a reconnaissance mission all but the leader of your group have inadvertantly walked into a mine field, whilst staring at the sun. They are now unable to see where they are going.


You are to guide each cadet out of the mine field.


All the memebers of the team are to wear a blindfold
Any obstacle in the mine field area is a mine
All Cadets must make it clear of the mine field
If a cadet touches a Mine that cadet will be taken back to the start location
You have 20 mins from the end of this brief

Any Question

(The leader now has the chance to ask any questions)

Check Understanding

How long do you have?
What happens if a Cadet touches a mine?

This exercise is a very simple example of what we like to run on squadron. This particular exercise is aimed at improving communication and follwership skills as well as encouraging the leader to have a commanding presence. We have developed many different exercises all aimed at strectching the cadet and improving skills using different materials, scenarios and objectives.


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