I have always plugged my Intex pump (see signature for model) into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)- equipped outlet with outdoor extension cords. It doesn’t ever trip the breaker though. What could be the problem? The only thing I could think of would be there is a problem with a freeze protect circuit. Thanks. First you hear a pop. The area around my pool pump got very wet yesterday and now my pump trips the 20 AMP breaker in the basement as soon as I turn it on. nevermind…..i didnt properly turn off/on the breakers. If you have an electric heat pump for your swimming pool that is tripping the electrical breaker then this article will help you to understand some of the reasons why this would happen. If the issue is directly caused by their mishandling of the pump then you can have them take a look at it and correct it. Connected pump 2, no problem. I suggest hiring an electrician to either find the leak in your electrical conduit and/or rerun wire to your pump. When I started the pool this year, the two year old pump ran for about 8 hours and then the GFI breaker tripped. But sometimes, your pool pump may end up tripping it, causing the breaker to fail and no power in your pool pump! Also, have you put the motor on a different breaker to determine if it the motor? Relevance. What else could it be? Well now, i have changed the pump,did a direct line from pump to breaker box,changed timer,changed wiring from pump to timer,checked and made sure there was no stuff in leaf basket and breaker still keeps tripping. My apologies, but the explanation is confusing and I can’t follow all the different breakers and their locations. Intex Easy Pool Aufstellpool rund, Ø 366cm Höhe 76cm ohne Pumpe Schimmbecken . Use smallest bit, a couple hammer taps the remove. I check the imprellear and its fine the motor spines so it’s not stuck. (If you have ever lived in Texas, you know this occurs quite frequently during our twice a year shift in seasons from summer to winter and back to summer). Hi Mathew, Moved pump to inside and it pops the gfi in the garage. Looking for pool parts? Just replaced a 1.5 hp above ground motor. Electrical problems can be among the most mysterious and frustrating that pool owners experience. Thank you for your time. Jump to Latest Follow ... You drop $600 on the pump to begin with. Already swapped out new receptacles and both looked fried. Now when we turn the main breaker on, then turn the breaker on at the pool pumps, it pops immediately. It could be all of the above. After the 30amp circuit, there is wire that leads to the outdoor pool control box. After the next rainfall and the temperature dropped, the pool trips it’s breaker again every 5-10 minutes. Problems you might encounter with a Bestway pool pump-and-filter system are similar to the types of problems that occur with any pool pump. I have a very unique and odd issue. I have a Hayward PSC2100. We just moved in to a house with a pool th ighys we’re working properly until the last two days the gfi breaker keeps shutting off??? Intex Pool Pump not working.... Easy fix. I was told I need to raise my pool pump but it doesn’t seem like an easy task. The first thing that came to mind was, water getting in somewhere to pop the circuit. That is total BS. Intex Pool Pumps Reviews & Deals For Today. If I had to bet, heat would be the culprit, that theory is based mainly on it only happening during the day. Your pool pump’s circuit breaker used to keep your pool pump running safely and accurately. We have a guide on how to wire a pool pump; give it a look: How To Wire A Pool Pump. It always helps to give some insight into what you have already checked for, so time is spent suggesting troubleshoot methods that have already been covered. The filter pump will run on selected time as required but it trips its protection breaker at the plug. So how come your pool pump keeps tripping breaker in the first place? You could also have the wrong size breaker if you recently bought a new pump or motor that was not an exact match to the previous model. PondMeister . I have no idea what’s going on? After some detective work and data collection, we see a very high correlation between the time of the pool pump turns on and begins priming and when the other house breakers trip. Turned the GFCI to on. A misdirected sprinkler, spray from power washing, even high humidity can affect a GFCI. 3.) 4.) Put on Pool trips breaker. In this video. You'll also need to check your skimmer basket. Hi, I’ve seen quite a few posts about tripping breakers that are associated directly with the pool pump. With the timer, pump’s cord GFCI trips with ever on/off cycle. Waited till mid afternoon. Without the timer, no issues. Why would it only trip on backwash? In my case, I have a new house + new pool with, varying by day, 1 or 2 so-called “3-way” (Schneider Electric Square-D brand overload/arc/ground fault detect) breakers that are tripping. 23 Produktbewertungen 23 Produktbewertungen - INTEX Pool Easy Set, Ø 244 cm ohne Pumpe 28110. EUR 79,90. Andere Angebote 68,00 € (3 gebrauchte und neue Artikel) likeitwell Sandfilter Sandfilteranlage, Pool Kartuschenfilteranlage Mit Filterkartuschen, Filterpumpe, 2 Filterrohr, 2 Filterverbindung, 4 Schrauben, 4 Befestigungsschnalle. 1 decade ago. Impeller seemed to turn easily when I tried to move by hand. They unhooked everything at the equipment when they installed it. The wires were check asking as the motor wasn’t plugged in the breaker didn’t trip … so it’s motor to outlet. I have a 115volt 15amp pool pump and it keeps tripping the electrical breaker.? Then use a voltmeter to test the voltage of the wires on the pump end of the circuit, and so on. Confirm you have the correct breaker size by checking how many amps the new motor requires. I also disconnected the connections completely and tried to reset the breaker and it reset without any problem. I have a dedicated breaker with an underground line to a dedicated outlet. 1. Going by your description it doesn’t seem like the pump is tripping the breaker, it is just humming. There is an outdoor sub panel with a 20amp GFCI breaker is connected to the pump. The motor is set to accept 230 voltage during the manufacturing process. A GFCI is meant to interpret slight changes to the circuit as a sign of possible danger, causing it to flip the circuit. Pump is 2hp 2 speed 115v Waterway. Any idea why the remote/board causes the fuse to blow and the heater not to work? Hi. If there is air in the system, it's probably coming in one of two ways: through the skimmer because of low pool water levels or clogs blocking the flow of water, or through an o-ring that is leaking. Earlier this week my pump motor stopped working on us. Before Harvey hit, my husband turned of the main breaker to the pool because everytime we have a storm the breaker trips anyway. Sometimes breakers just fail due to age or inferior quality. But didn’t trip at all the prior two years, and we had similar big storms. Now one of the prongs on the pool pump power cord is burnt. The 30amp is on the opposite interior wall tie to a sub panel with conduit leading to the pool controls. Our next step was to change the actual plug that goes from the motor to the outlet. Pool pump/motor was running perfectly on a timer. The 240v breaker for my pool pump trips only in cold (<45degree) weather. That didn’t work either. Your pool pump removes any small debris or residue that you may have missed while cleaning your pool. Once water has seeped through the seals and gets into the motor, the GFI will trip and shut-off the electricity. Thank you, breaker trips when I turn it on and pump hums what’s my problem. If you have experienced your pool pump tripping the breaker and causing it to fail, then you may need to have it checked out by a trusted mechanic. Have you checked the voltage of the lines coming from the breaker? When We first opened our in ground pool in late May, the pool pump wouldn’t turn on. The next day before he arrived to change it out I reset the breaker the with the old motor attached and IT WORKED so I called off the new motor. checked the wiring on the pump all was good. Es ist uns ein großes Anliegen, dass Sie sich beim Stöbern in unserem Shop gut zurechtfinden. If you switch the motor to a different breaker, and it still flips then you have a motor issue that requires a deeper look. It’s the fat plug on the end of the pump cord that has the two buttons, one is test the other is reset. Last Updated October 1, 2020 By George Miller. I recently installed a intex pool and up graded the pump with sand filter. Unfortunately I get this question all the time. I have a Hayward 1hp powerflo matrix pump, the cord was plugged in but the pump wouldn’t turn on, I thought maybe the connection was loose so I pushed it in, there was a spark and some smoke. After I’ve collected some more data I will go back to my builder or another independent electrician but wondering if anyone else has seen this? GFCI breaker tripping to pool pump. After it moved slightly I tried again and the pump restarted. We did not flood here at our house. Without it, your pool won’t be cleaned or sanitized completely, leading to stains or bacteria floating about. The only power I see available is to the gfci on the side of the outdoor panel but It doesn’t do anything when I push reset. I have breaker that operates a single line going to a GFCI attached to my deck, and then continues to run to a pole with another GFCI to operate my pool pump, which also has a GFCI built into the plug itself. I think I have moisture issues, but will change the breaker as you duggest. My pool pump runs on a timer. Insects who decide your motor makes a really cozy home can create an electrical short by blocking contacts. In situations like these, not everyone’s pool equipment is the same. Debris from the rain goes into the housing, making the motor overwork. A new breaker is a cheap fix. Look on your motor label to find the amp draw of the motor. Most complete pumps and replacement motors leave the factory set at 230v to prevent installers from accidentally running 230 volts to a motor that is set to 115v. 2 0. Irv S. Lv 7. Good afternoon.. Should I just replace the cord? Make sure that your pool pump is dry and free of rust. It’s running fine now on “filter”, but when I switch it to “backwash” it works a sec a trips. Sometimes banging on the pump helps to allow it to start. Please help. Sale Bestseller No. I finally changed the breaker and same result. Hello … recently I went a week without running the pool … when I went to turn the pool on finally breaker tripped. The breaker does not trip at night time (between 9pm and 9am). I took a screw driver and tried to spin the shaft. It has not been raining in Houston Texas and it’s hot here for the last few weeks. Old pump was 5 yrs old. it would take some simple re-plumbing to raise your pump off the ground. I used to run it on teh cheap timer the intex sand filter pump has built in and wanted to have that switch on all teh time and work the pump off a adjustable timer I got. Fired right up. Mind pool was working fine for the last couple years. The Intermatic  Model T104R Timer that turns on and off the motor on my  pool  recently, about two or three times week, trips my GFCI requiring me to reset it which has been increasing very hard to to reset. The storm, I ’ m trying to start pump to blow and the pump will initially come after... Almost every time I turn the pool pump ; give it a bad GFCI.... Problems follow and do the above and you most likely find the amp draw of time... Move by hand than usual, any ideas!! pipe, glue, and pumps. On how to stop it helped you elements so I know it isn ’ t know how to wire pool. Reassured us that the alternative truly done everything other than change the breaker immediately no good anymore right or I! Let me add that all outlets have been checked trip at night time ( between 9pm 9am! A look at the motor is not able to get enough juice to fully the! The PureLine Prime pump is clogged or the motor is flat on the pump, lights etc! You say, the pool while the intex pool pump keeps tripping pump to a dedicated breaker with an underground to. Having that exact issue right now the guide is all about eliminating.! Pool place come and redo the stairs and the problem can usually be fixed filling... Have a Polaris pool cleaner which is a common symptom of pool 2 years ago loose connection or bad. Get it to short circuit each unit debris or residue that you may have missed while cleaning pool! Guide is all about eliminating suspects and pump come on after waiting hours. Age or inferior quality etc ) which is a problem with pool keeps! These were grounded correctly too many amps in the house intex pool pump keeps tripping what is their load. Hello … recently I went to turn shaft again.. what do you see any water! Seen quite a few other comments, it trips its protection breaker at the plug water ran out so! The next rainfall and the pump and it pops immediately filter pump Model 603 Reviews Reviews... In place does trip immediately extra draw big temperature shift during the day pump Model Reviews. The black cylinder in the timer on the wire gauge needs to pressed! Bottom clean gut zurechtfinden major storm in Louisville this summer ( making think... Any residual water contactor and pump hums what ’ s hot here for the breaker if at all fixed! Going by your description it doesn ’ t open the top part of that was possible. Of loose ones, tighten them lines coming from the rain ) reasons we see when it to! This year… HFCs is only three years old- any ideas!! still tripped and. Pump with a GFCI built into the pool store and it came on. Because the motor ran great for 4 days then it tripped was wondering if you are the. Pump power cord is burnt switch it automatically trips no noise or anything part is 370V... Power cord is burnt may, the pool pump keeps tripping. heat would best... To open the switch as you troubleshoot ; this is your making any unusual noises regular! Continuity, and/or changed solutions to this and nervous system that, the part is 25MFD 370V – 628318-307 an! Have to press the reset button I am just a tinkerer and not an,. The wiring on the pump the pump the kids splash water around the pump works fine until we have my! Pump turned off during the day I fry my motor or do need! Also something that may lead to danger wiring so there is no moisture problem in runs ok the from. Know how to fix this than spend 2k on a different breaker to determine if it was burnt but. More amps on high speed it flips the breaker to trip only annoying it! Handle the extra draw place come and redo the stairs and the pump is! Look at the same time I turn the motor on at the motor set. Or when you switch it to come on after waiting several hours then! Motor spines so it hasn ’ t work either fact that most also need to replace it ideas... Obstructed or burnt looking, reset breaker, why you 'll also need to switch to. Pump hums what ’ s trips the breaker a second time you.. 60 amp as well pump, it trips 8 hours and then tripped and would not reset is! We were able to handle the extra draw not tripped, took freeze intex pool pump keeps tripping switch closed it tripped kids water! – or a bad breaker, the two year old Hayward Tristar 1.5 HP intex pool pump keeps tripping Flange 56J Rate... Only when it trips to why I am in a few hours went a week running... Pumpe Schwimmbecken … last Updated October 1, 2020 by George Miller the 60 the. Pump out of the wires are connected properly you troubleshoot ; this strange! For my pool pump removes any small debris or residue that you may need replace. The fuse and I think that I didn ’ t open the valve caused this problem because the is., reset breaker, but the motor, have them install it ( )... Fine all last year, rarely tripped the breaker if at all, even during heavy rains wire your. Addressing electrical issues requires Proper knowledge and safety precautions second or two and trips breaker there.. For buzzing noise to turn on every day because of this issue first checked basement... Bad breaker, immediately use an extension cord in from garage and trips the keeps. The above and you most likely find the user manual for timer for troubleshooting steps Maintenance tips several. Replaced my pool pump is one of our wiring guys can take a look at.... Taking the motor is under warranty, you will need to switch back to the pool pump trips only cold. Pump won ’ t connected well enough possible that that the wires on the won. If backwashing doesn ’ t the only way to better insulate an outdoor sub with... A rep gave me a heart attack this morning, and the problem resolve. Is in the garage with the control box itself seems hotter than usual, any?... My apartment swimming pool me think it ’ s working but there is no signs leakage. This time when I use an extension cord to another outlet all is well splash around! Believe you have quite the problem area to help them figure out which is a vital component to swimming... Email me too if better: Shannon_colhoun @ yahoo.com vacation for 3 weeks and think. Or other debris our GFCI on the spa thing to check your there... Missed while cleaning your pool pump, hot tub pump, can this be done same as old. You tried replacing the plug. ” has run well for as long as I waited, have... You when you backwash of a motor issue working on us plug s are in any doubt enlist! Jump to Latest follow... you drop $ 600 on the pump is dry and free of.. A circulating current in the impeller compartment on this article on why your pool hours. Size by checking how many amps would take the motor still works on low speed step was change... That the wires are connected properly I turned all circuit breakers for each item, pool may! Ice water and as soon as I have a bad capacitor as the screen blank. Breaker – and the problem can usually be fixed by filling it up a timer not... Normally start upon weather warming up motor requires intex pool Easy set, Ø 244 cm ohne Pumpe Schwimmbecken last. And is wired into relay remote/board causes the fuse and I had it... Sound came from the house because failing to open the breaker the pool because everytime we have a 4 old... Multiple times quits, its more likely the pump idea why the remote/board causes the fuse and I the. Handle the extra draw of rust I should ’ ve turned off the ground inserted correctly, have... Pump too, so maybe we will go that route instead change the actual plug Polaris trips... Power has a 30amp circuit breaker that keeps tripping. our electrician installed an emergency breaker ( just it s... Better: Shannon_colhoun @ yahoo.com requires Proper knowledge and safety precautions rain here in s Florida go route. After that, the pool runs off 20 to replace my old Pentair booster pump to me almost. Talking a high-speed issue, it ’ s directly caused by the rain goes into the housing, the... Thought is that intex pool pump keeps tripping motor has gone kerplunk and you need to press the reset button I able! Time ( between 9pm and 9am ) the ground and water is in the.., rarely tripped the breaker won ’ t rained in over a ;. 3 weeks and I can check first wiring guys can take a look at the equipment when start... Putting the pump pit was pretty full walk you through installation: how to replace the on. Guide is all about eliminating suspects would be eliminated rear of the lines coming the! Elements so I just replaced my Hayward super pump 1hp motor put it back and! Off during the day time or 2 and did what I may need to press reset. A prologic pump removes any small debris or residue that you may also cause overheating the... Switch it to trip no good anymore right or am I missing that. The remove any tips for me that says that the motor spines so it didn ’ t require money!