Another wonderful purchase from Gabriella Plants. As it grows, loosely tie the vine to the support structure. forms: { I received my BPP with bent leaves and one dead leaf. My only tiny gripe is that the plant in the picture shows at least one variegated leaf and mine has nothing. Glowing even after shipping. Beautiful small pink variegations. The leaves are much bigger than I expected and the variegation looks great. I was satisfied with the condition that it came in. Plant name: Philodendron Burgundy Princess Category: Indoor and semi Outdoor. Awesome variegation for a BP. callback: cb Arrived quick and safely. Thanks again Shane and the rest of the Gabriella team! I love the deep purple tones, thank you team!! Thank you. What a wonderful surprise. Not only the plant was literally only green with one dot of color I also received broken plant sadly and now I have to wait to send this back to get another one. Pink Princess philodendron P. erubescens ‘Pink Princess’ Plants with leaves so dark they are nearly black are a rarity in the houseplant world, that’s why 'Pink Princess' has so much wow-factor. Notice: This plant has a yearly limit of 1 per person. About plant:~ Philodendron Burgundy is hardy, drought tolerant and a low … Thank you! Prince of Orange (or Princess of Orange if the holder is female) is a title originally associated with the sovereign Principality of Orange, in what is now southern France. pink princess philodendron cutting. The stem has nice variegation and I have high hopes! There are beautiful splashes of pink on the leaves and I was pleasantly surprised at how large the plant was when it arrived. Thank you EVERYONE at Gabriella Plants! 100% Upvoted. Love the touches of pink. Gorgeous and I’m so grateful for y’all hardworking and loyalty to your plants! share. Coming right along in her glory. The infamous "PPP," the talk of the town in 2020! Philodendron Imperial Red care guide. After a couple of days, I got a Halfmoon which I was really excited about. This was my first order from Gabriella, certainly won’t be the last! I was expecting more like the photo shown on the site. Thank y'all so much for everything you do. Powered by caffeine. Blown away by my first purchase from Gabriella. Thanks anyways. I bought this in a ghost restock. This makes me feel like it's not normal to receive one in the size I got. Add € 75,00 to your cart for free shipping! Monstera Adansonii 'Swiss Cheese Philodendron' Starting at: $ 14.99. That's why Philodendron 'Pink Princess' is so unique. 4. Get all our special offers, trends and growing tips first! I never thought of buying one until it was available. The long arrowhead-shaped leaves are a deep reddish green on top and a wine red underneath. Arrived in great condition. She arrived in perfect condition. Super excited to be able to snag one of these Burgundy Princesses! Heat pack was a success. Was super excited because I’ve seen photos from other people showing lots of variegation on the bpp but unfortunately I was not one of the lucky ones and got one with no variegation on the stem. So much bigger than I imagined! This thread is archived. } Philodendron Pink Princess pests—The most common pests are mealybugs or aphids. THANK YOU GP TEAM. The plant is quite big and it was perfectly packed, no soil out of the pot or pests. I am so impressed by her. I was ready for this to be completely green (which it is), that's part of the deal with buying this plant. If you are expecting a plant with lovely leaves but It is my 3rd purchase with you and I am very happy. Absolutely stunning! Upon arrival box was a little beat up as well (probably UPS fault). I have 1 HUGE one, about 6 feet tall, I am trying to take a 'top cut' off it. Received this beautiful Princess in amazing condition! :). I honestly thought I had gotten a PPP when I opened the package. ); I can’t wait to see more pink. (function() { Jual Philodendron burgundy princess - bloody mary NO pink - TANAMAN INDOOR dengan harga Rp25.000 dari toko online ibad garden, Kab. Thanks Holton for the great pick! I was so happy when I took her out of the box. Monstera Dubia. That's why Philodendron 'Pink Princess' is so unique. Gabriella Plants is my go-to online nursery shop. Click here to read more about our order limit policies. The plant arrived in mint condition, many roots, looks amazing under my oak tree! And it came in great condition what a new leaf unfurling. That’s why they healthy and pretty! Shout out to Miriam. Loved my burgundy princess! I love this plant so much but just was hoping for more pink because it didn’t even come with a speck, I’ve seen other burgundy’s with lots of pink so just was taken back by mine but she’s giving me gorgeous green leaves! Click here to read more about our order limit policies. save. But to deal with this when having one car and being sick not so fun. This is pinker than most PPP I see for sale and a small fraction of the cost. 100% recommend! hide. I order plants at least once a month from here. Thank you Shane and your team. $135.00 + $12.00 shipping . (Read our full policy here.). Another amazing plant!! Super healthy & happy plant! She was well-packaged and arrived safely. } Hardly any pink but it’s still beautiful. From the variegation to the care and packaging, this plant is too to bottom GORGEOUS! Not a speck of pink or burgundy on the leaves. Thank you guys so much! Then just this week it starting pushing another leaf out with a pop of pink! Less Variegated Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’ (Philodendron erubescens) One of the most popular plants right now is Philodendron ‘Pink Princess.’ These beauties are hard to keep in stock because of slow plant growth and high demand. The plant was packaged really well, it is super healthy. 286 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘philodendronburgundyprincess’ hashtag The packaging was top-notch & the communication on my order status kept me up to date perfectly. Philodendron Pink Princess Support. I appreciate all the TLC you put in your plants to make sure it gets to us the way it should (: from Florida all the way to California! I was expecting old Gabriella Plants quality. Other Philodendron types grow upright and have large split or deeply-lobed leaves. This plant is shipped in a disposable plastic nursery pot. Perfevt addition to my philodendron collection. Burgundy Princess Philodendron. } Thank you Gabriella Plants, even my non-houseplant enthusiast mom is impressed. Philodendron 'Birkin' Starting at: $ 24.99. Water: Allow the first inch or so to dry out before watering again. So, you finally got your hands on one of the holy grails of all plants, the pink princess. My princess was packaged carefully, and arrived in mint condition. Here are just a few reasons. Absolutley love this plant! I never felt worried for my plant even in this 108° weather here. :). I bought this philodendron labeled as 'burgundy princess' recently but have not been able to find any information on this cultivar! What an amazing plant! Highly recommend the bpp, Plant is in a healthy condition but I have paid that much of price to have a little bit of pink variegation in it so little upset. Arrived quickly with lots of little splashes of pink and these leaves are HUGE! Thank you! Philodendron "Pink Princess" $190 - $550 Photo credit to Trinity Shi/Cube House Jungle. I got this on a ghost update. This is my most prized plant now. This girl is massive . Good job Shane and Veronica. Red Princess philodendrons are beautiful hybrid plants with large, slightly arched and full leaves that stand out in every room making them great plants for the home, office or cool garden. Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’ (Philodendron erubescens)Plants with black leaves are rare in nature. Because she is healthy and I love her. Thank you so so much! I've purchased plants from GP before and the quality from then to this has definitely decreased. All my other plants I ordered previously came in really good condition. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { Arrived quickly in excellent condition. Instead, the new leaf puts out beautiful burgundy shade. Add to cart. Thank you GP; can’t wait to see what other treasures I’ll be getting from you all! Philodendron Burgundy Get the hardy air purifier houseplant today! Truly grateful for all the work Shane and team do to make plants affordable and accesible to others! This plant makes me so happy. M. Email when stock available . It was packaged with care as always. This is a gorgeous plant, so healthy and vibrant. The young leaves emerge as a dark olive-green with white variegation, maturing to a deep black with bright pink spots. The Pink Princess is … Pink splashes are on some of the older leaves and I’m hoping that sometime in the future, she’ll give me a little bit more pink. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. The online shop for all plant related goodness. Thank you! The foliage of this vining plant is an eye-popping combination of deep burgundy set off by bright pink and white accents. I hope I will get more color variegated leaves soon. Philodendron erubescens is a vining plant by nature, so be sure to give it a trellis or post to climb on. So worth it. Thanks for another great plant GP! Beautiful. This thread is archived. :). I also compared my BPP with others that ordered the same plant and mines was the worst looking. This thing is big already I love it so much!! It is huge and beautiful. So I really like the plant, but I would love it had it come with even a splash of pink on at least 1 leaf considering the price. Fell in love with it. So many stems with leaves waiting to unfurl. Packaged really well and survived a slightly longer than normal shipping time due to USPS delays. 100% Upvoted. If it's cold where you're located, we recommend Winter Protection Insurance to protect your new plant babies until they're safely in your care. I have purchased dozens of plants from Gabriella and they have all arrived beautiful and healthy. Plants never always look perfect, no matter what magazine ads or Instagram influencers try to say. Picture Information. Can’t wait to get another one in a year. Would certainly buy again! Read about philodendron Imperial Red diseases and pests and how much humidity and light they require. Why? I’m very pleased with my purchase!! 1 Comment / Propagation / By soilngreen. My BPP arrived in perfect condition with excellent packaging. Philodendron Pink Princess is a semi-climbing plant (when kept in a pot) with streaked leaves with gorgeous shades of hot pink, burgundy, lavender, dark purple, green and cream. Customer service response was fast when I reached out for a mistake on my end, thanks Miriam! Click here to be notified when these become available. I am beyond happy with this plant! My burgundy princess philodendron is my second plant I’ve ordered from Gabriella Plants. Philodendron erubescens – Originally from Columbia, commonly called the ‘Burgundy’ Philodendron, this plant has 8-16” (20- 40cm) non-divided, shiny leaves. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. More pink then I could imagine. Philodendrons leaves are usually large, imposing, often lobed or deeply cut, and may be more or less pinnate, leaves can be oval, spear-shaped, or in many other variations, all philodendrons produce cataphylls to protect new leaves and most of them have both aerial and subterranean roots. She is beautiful. It's so pretty and was packaged well! shipped in nursery pot. They keep you up to date on the whole process from the time they get your order. Has little specks of pink here & there. Has anyone seen one of these? The plant can either climb or cascade from a hanging basket with leaves that grow up to 8 inches long. Email. Pink Princess Philodendron (Philodendron erubescens 'Pink Princess') is an extremely rare tropical house plant known for its pink and green variegated foliage. The picture doesn't do it justice. Minor shipping damage but overall happy with the level of variation for a “burgundy”. Sort by. 6" Philodendron Burgundy Princess $129.00 5" Philodendron Hastatum $50.00 You've viewed 48 of 53 products. report. All around great experience! If you get the chance I would get it. Special Note: We will resume shipping plants Tuesday, January 5th 2021. Philodendron Pink Princess is a slow growing vine-like. Bandung Barat. I was not expecting this beautiful plant! The packaging was impeccable again, the plant was healthy and even more beautiful than I expected. But their deep red/green leaf color and their size is beautiful! Always a pleasure to purchase a plant with Gabriella Plants!! It quickly put out a 5th leaf after arriving (the darkest one). The leafstalks are red. Was in process of unfurling a new leaf when I received her! This philodendron looks like Pink Princess without the pink variegation. Nice foliage! I snagged her on a ghost update weekend and couldn’t be happier! Beautiful! She has some beautiful variegation and big leaves, with a new one unfurling! I sometimes wish I didn’t waste my time buying from here. She is beautiful, so full and very healthy! She's a beauty and is loving the Florida summer on my front porch. Load More. Since you guys don’t ever add negative reviews to your page. Great potential and arrived in great shape. Much larger than I expected her to be !! Expected to be back in stock within 10 weeks temporarily sold out. I haven’t had it for long and it’s already putting out a new leaf! A couple leaves were bent a little at the tips but other than a couple creases they look amazing. Leaves and roots in excellent condition.