Ever wondered why our Squadron crest has a swan surrounded by flames, or why we wear the uniform...

We do a host of different activities in the Air Training Corps and we try to enable every cadet...


Drill is a starting point for all teamwork. It teaches an individual to work as part of a team and learn to understand orders that are given by an NCO or Officer.

With appropriate training it can take a new recruit just a few weeks to performing drill with a  small group to large parades with dignitaries and members of the public. We carry out our drill in accordance with the RAFs AP818-Part1-Drill and therefore the highest standards are expected.

As the Air Cadets is a uniformed youth organisation a certain amount of professionalism is expected of our members, and this can be seen when they participate in civic duties such as Remembrance Parade or Battle of Britain. 


Sqn HQ Address

332 (High Wycombe) Squadron HQ

Kennedy Avenue

High Wycombe 
HP11 1BY

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We parade on Tuesdays and Thursdays.