Ever wondered why our Squadron crest has a swan surrounded by flames, or why we wear the uniform...

We do a host of different activities in the Air Training Corps and we try to enable every cadet...

Beret, Brassard, Belts, Shirts and Shoes

The Beret

The Cadets beret is the same shade of blue as the RAF but has its own distinctive cap badge, and is worn with all our variations of uniform.

It is worn so the cap badge sits 1 inch over the left eye with the excess material pulled to the right over the right ear, in such a way that the black band sits horizontal around the head.

The Brassard

The Cadets wear a Brassard on their right are to help signify that they are Cadets, which unit they are from and how much training they have received.

It helps to show if the Cadet is First Aid trained, if they are a Marksman and if they are Radio Operators.

Blue/Grey Belt

Cadets and Staff are to wear a Blue/Grey Belt when wearing No2 SD Trousers.

Stable Belt

Cadets and Staff are entitled to wear a Stable Belt in place of their Blue Belt in any variation of No2 Dress. It can also be worn with No3 dress but only when carrying out 'Barrack Duties'. This is because it is a dress belt, not one for really physical activities where you are likely to be crawling or on your stomach.


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All issue shirts are to be ironed with creases pressed in on each sleeve running from the centre of the epaulette to the cuff.


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The shoes are the Black DMS the same as issued to the RAF and are purchased at personal expense. The shoes are to be polished all over to a high shine with the toe cap bulled to a mirror finish.


Sqn HQ Address

332 (High Wycombe) Squadron HQ

Kennedy Avenue

High Wycombe 
HP11 1BY

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We parade on Tuesdays and Thursdays.