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Concert Band Camp February 2016

After hearing about the National Air Cadet Music camps through previous members of the bands, I was immediately interested, due to being part of my Squadron (332 High Wycombe) band, and the Herts and Bucks Wing band. I have always enjoyed and excelled in music, so getting involved with music inside cadets has been really beneficial for me.

When first arriving at the National Concert Band camp, I struggled to play some of the music pieces as they were very challenging and of a high standard. However, throughout the week, from receiving a lot of support from the staff and fellow cadets, I was able to excel and improve my sight reading and music skills significantly. The Air Cadet music services are one of the best in the whole of the country, and from joining a year ago when I was 15, I have improved and benefitted so much from all the support.

Not only have I experienced playing in concert bands and marching bands, but I have also been able to go up two ABRSM grades, which I would not have been able to do without the constant practice and support I've been given through the Air Cadet Music services. I enjoyed the February Concert Band camp very much, I am looking forward to the next camp in August, and performing at the Royal International Air Tattoo in July.


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