Creeping thyme, also known commonly as ‘Mother of Thyme,’ is an easily grown, spreading thyme variety. Boycott Monsanto and their products! There are downsides to putting in a thyme lawn. DO NOT USE ROUNDUP. While some are upright plants with a shrub-like growth habit, the creeping types described here are low, with a vine-like growth habit. But you’re not in this for easy, you’re in it to protect yourself, your loved ones, and the environment at large from harmful sprays. Wood mulch is readily available at garden centers, big box stores and landscape supply outfits and is pretty easy to spread. Use your brains while reading, people. We told you it was work, didn’t we? drop them, or poop them. Thanks again for your amazing font of knowledge! 1. It … It's a low maintenance plant that can take a lot of abuse too! What type of watering is best, drip, soaker hose or...? Creeping thyme is a maintenance free, hardy, evergreen edible herb with aromatic foliage and attractive white flowers in Summer. don't plant the thyme through the turf - unless you know for sure the turf is completely dead and you are just leaving the dead grass in place to avoid erosion. Is anyone concerned about thyme becoming invasive in rural environments? I agree, everyone needs to calm down in regards to the roundup, I’ve used it (on my fathers advice I will never use it again there is safer methods) but and I will repeat BUT the fact is the author of this article mentioned that product is because most new people to gardening have been bombarded by television would immediately think of that for killing weeds, so the fact that he has explained in detail more than one other method to rid your self of grass should be complemented. If our cows, horses, pigs etc get out will creeping thyme be toxic? You'll never have to mow the lawn ever again; Dicondra is native; Ground covers are hardier than most grasses; Cons. Be cautious about bare feet when its flowering-bees are super-attracted to it. I've seen it done that way but the method has pros and cons.5) There is no one perfect method of irrigation; they all have pros and cons in terms of cost of installation, water conservation, aesthetics, maintenance, etc. This means more water for the plants, less watering for the homeowner. PROS: Creeping Jenny has beautiful chartreuse color, soft leaves that are pretty to look at, but can withstand light foot traffic. It can be used in light traffic areas or around stepping stones, which allows its fragrance and tiny flowers to add character to walkways. But you’re not in this for easy, you’re in it to protect yourself, your loved ones, and the environment at large from harmful sprays. Thoroughly remove all the weeds in the planting area beforehand, as chamomile does not compete well with many weeds. I watch for the first sign of yellow leaves and hold off for a day or two. I’m sending him a link to this site. After all, the sentence that follows makes it clear what we think. If you are a habitat enthusiast, fed up with fussing over a high-maintenance lawn … Organic compost — as always — is a good idea. Nice idea this. Is there a responsible weed killer that I might use to reduce the weeds, yarrow or crab grass that keeps coming up between the Thyme? It is pretty tall maybe 35 feet and definitely needs some dead wood trimming. My question is: will it spread to the neighbors? I do have a few more questions. All of our organic herbicides are not specific to weeds and will kill whatever you spray them on. Hi, Thank you for your article. It is excellent planted as a lawn substitute or among stepping stones or pavers to create a living patio. It has very low water requirements. Twitter. I’ve planted this and it filled in half my backyard in a few years. Zoysia is a type of creeping grass commonly found in Australia, Asia, and … If not removed, KBG will act as a weed in your thyme and because it is rhizomatous, it will spread and take over.2) Soils in Denver usually tend to be fairly rich in minerals but lacking in nitrogen and either sandy or clay. A few of the popular culinary herbs — English thyme, citriodorus —  could go around the edges for easy access. This variety covers ground quickly, growing to 18-inches in … It can be expensive. Garden Design. But, the way it grows I’m sure it will return. Though he is on board with the organic food gardening (How could he NOT be after all these years with ME! I can’t believe how many readers can’t see you are kidding about how to get rid of grass. I did not use black plastic before planting now I have clover and several weeds that are killing the thyme. I’ve been looking forward to doing that in my own garden sometime soon. I planted Elfin Thyme in place of my backyard lawn. It can be expensive. Of course, we don’t recommend the use of Roundup or any chemical pesticide. I live on Long Island in New York State (Zone 7a). The reason you've seen advice to cover the entire plant during the winter is because the stems can become desiccated and die off in winter if there is no snow cover or shade. Which thymes would you recommend? Thyme is an ideal grass alternative. They simply dip their protected hand in the concentrated solution and grab ahold of the unwanted vegetation. Your practical and sometimes lazy Planet Natural Blogger doesn’t think this is necessary. Micro Clover Lawn Pros and Cons. After all, the sentence that follows makes it clear what we think. Herbs year round.An indoor herb garden gives the gardeners afflicted with winter malaise an opportunity to lovingly tend to more plants and enjoy herbs year r… It smells divine! Yes, once it’s established, but not too much, especially when dry. So I am using a lot more water than I first expected. Leave the clover, encourage the thyme…Benificials (bees, wasps and butterflies) that pollinate our food sources, will love it!! Thank you for any suggestion…JP. Paula, did you receive a response. Do you think thyme would work for me in this situation? Who said that’s a bad thing? Which is better, starting from seeds or is that not a good idea, or transplant? If you turn off the spigot on the area to conserve water, you will also be turning off the spigot for the tree.6) Mulch can be anything used to suppress weeds and moderate soil temperatures while your new planting still shows a lot of exposed soil. Well, I have finally put down my first Thyme Lawn. If you use microsprays, each microspray will cover a wider area than a drip emitter but you will have the nozzles sticking up around your space and as they get knocked around, you'll need to keep them in alignment. Lol. Let’s learn more about creeping thyme plant care. There are MANY different varieties and it overwinters in sub zero with no die-out. What season should I plant the thyme? This grass type is a cool-season grass—it takes better to cooler weather. Pros: This grass is ultra durable, fills in quickly, and out-competes weeds. I’m in zone 7b and would like to do it in the fall. Second – it is highly toxic. Thyme has got an unignorably strong aroma, one which bears a slight similarity … Thanks. The Wooly Thyme seems to be my best grower but I am partial to the Elfin Thyme. Over watering can kill thyme, I have raised the soil level with mulch, rock dust, sand, and the top layer should be pea gravel for a quick dry after rains. Make sure the plastic has no holes and that it extends several inches beyond the turf. What kind of mulch is best? I live on a working ranch so I have several questions about this plant? Or is that what you mean by doesn't compete well with other plants? Here’s just a few: It's a lot to think about but I hope this has helped; good luck with your project! Contains NO GMOs, pathogens, growth hormones, or synthetic anything! If we leave grass in place can we just dig a hole where we plant to start and will the thyme spread? Hello, I planted elfin thyme around my deck area in between stone and now I have several variety of weeds growing with the ground cover. Thanks JT. It definitely likes a sunny spot. Spacing - mature thymes are usually 12-18" so spacing small plants (2 1/4" pots) 3-4' apart will leave lots of bare earth which may run to weeds.5. May 23, 2014 - Explore J S's board "Creeping Thyme" on Pinterest. Creeping thyme is one of those easy to grow plants that survive nicely with little or no care. I loved the article… I’m zone 5 btw, are there any varieties that could work for me? The plants don't care so long as they get the water they need to grow.If you use drip irrigation, you need enough pipe lines running throughout the space to put an emitter at each plant. I read this article for the first time like 5 years ago. (Shelley’s viewpoint) In my opinion, there’s nothing better thanhaving your own “homegrown” herbs in the kitchen. Browse 200 photos of Creeping Thyme. Rainwater is trapped in the fibers, keeping the ground underneath wet a little longer. Article by Carmen Spradley. My front lawn is very acidic with pine trees, and I also discovered grubs… we can’t grow grass, we’ve tried for years. This low maintenance turf alternative requires no mowing, fertilizing, thatching or watering. You’ll need to kill off all the grass where you intend to plant first. I have purchased seeds and was wondering if I could seed now while the compost is new or is it too late in the year. It’s a slow process, but where the thyme is spreading, there is no grass. 22. 3) I’m not familiar with the pattern of growth. My suggestion: While the easiest way would be to use multiple applications of some nasty herbicide like Roundup, we are certainly not in this for easy ways that do nothing to protect yourself, your loved ones, and the environment at large from harmful sprays. Blue sedge, creeping Jenny or creeping thyme -- which offers that thyme scent when stepped on -- are also good options. 4. Hi, We are thinking of creeping thyme and other plants to cover our front lawn. Creeping thyme and wooly thyme are both classes as “ornamental” herbs rather than culinary . My husband takes care of our limited lawn areas. I cannot believe you would even suggest using ROUNDUP a known carcinogen to remove existing lawn. Anyway, I love it so far. The question is, how did it jump from spot to spot, i.e., how does it spread? The cardboard layer will kill the grass/weeds, and so much better for the earth than Roundup. Certified organic Ground Cover Thymes for sale at Mountain Valley Growers Had you mentioned it at the end of your article you could probably have avoided so many critical remarks. If you’re looking to replace your thirsty grass with something more xeric, consider thyme. Was just thinking the same thing Gloria.. (Something that will NOT kill the Thyme of course). I am trying to find out the best way to keep it weed free if that’s possible. Related Post: Types of Grass in Missouri. With lawn thyme you not only have a choice of height, but leaf and … Creeping thymes are low-maintenance ground cover plants that can even be harvested for culinary or medicinal purposes, depending on the variety you choose. Another tried and true way to remove turf is to smother it in black plastic. The easiest way is to use multiple applications of Roundup. Hey, maybe that’s your problem, you didn’t finish reading……..if you had kept reading, its says “But you’re not in this for easy, you’re in it to protect yourself, your loved ones, and the environment at large from harmful sprays.” Don’t be dumb and rude, read the whole article first!!!! on top of the cardboard/newspaper and plant in that. Monsanto is an awful company with no care for your health, my health or the health of our soil/planet. Contains 20% acetic acid and includes yucca extract to work fast -- within a few hours! Are there any that you recommend or that we should not combine with the thyme? I planted elphin thyme in between my stone pavement and it is having trouble with weed growth. Good grief, these days it seems people have lost the ability to recognize humor. I want to look at the pretty flowers. CONS: It spreads its roots underground and its leaves will put down roots wherever they touch dirt. Yes indeed, sheet mulching the current lawn is a good way to go. I love planting alternatives to grass and thyme is my favorite. I am much less worried about things like RoundUp, than I am about such events as we see on the news these days that CAN REALLY RUIN OUR LIVES AND ECONOMY! Google+. 1. CREEPING THYME 50mm Pot NEW! Will a thyme lawn work in an area that doesn’t have very good drainage? But you’re not in this for easy, you’re in it to protect yourself, your loved ones, and the environment at large from harmful sprays. It has very low water requirements. I am appalled that you would recommend using RoundUp!! But you’re not in this for easy, you’re in it to protect yourself, your loved ones, and the environment at large from harmful sprays. In our research trials, mowing the lawn very short (1.5 in.) That’s is much cheaper than lots of plugs and cheap enough to “try it and see”. I am so aggrivated at all of the people making derogatory comments about the round-up. Pros and Cons As with dandelions , there can be some positive benefits to keeping creeping Charlie around if you find you either can’t or don’t want to remove it from your lawn. I want to attract more hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. You can always go back and expand your thyme planting another season. Thyme may be drought tolerant but it needs water to get established. Anyway did what you said and used several different kinds. I’m in the UK but I just found a packet of 3500 creeping thyme seeds for £0.99. The paper will eventually decompose (we like to say “compost”) and at that point the grass will have decomposed as well. I have had a thyme lawn for over 5 years now. Creeping Thyme. But make a path with stones or pavers for high traffic areas. I would like leaves early in the spring and late into the fall. If you happen to have chickens and do have time they can help you clear the grass. Please do your research before suggesting anyone use this. A couple of thoughts… JUST KIDDING!!!!!!! I intend to build a path for the heavy traffic, but would like to plant a thyme lawn. One popular choice is Zoysia grass. Use to prevent crabgrass, dandelions and more! Thyme is such a versatile herb, one which is used in numerous meals, especially in the Mediterranean regions. It is cost effective for DIYers and it is a better solution for the environment. OMRI Listed for use in organic production. “through Zone 4” — does that mean from 1 South to 4? A non-selective, post-emergence formula for ALL unwanted vegetation. And what brand of roundup do you recommend? Red Creeping Thyme: Also referred to as coccineus, this thyme can be identified by magenta flowers. So glad the Round-Up comment got people’s attention.. It’s bad stuff for all the good critters…. Here's the link to the CSU Soils lab: 3) How quickly your thyme fills in depends in part on how closely you plant the individual plants; if you plant them close together (ie. This article states the advantages and disadvantages of … I am in Northern Utah and it is quite arid here. “In 2009, a French court found Monsanto guilty of lying; falsely advertising its Roundup herbicide as “biodegradable,” “environmentally friendly” and claiming it “left the soil clean…Indeed, according to Dr. Seneff, glyphosate [active ingredient] is possibly “the most important factor in the development of multiple chronic diseases and conditions that have become prevalent in Westernized societies”. Competitive edge by disrupting the lawn ever again ; Dicondra is native ; ground covers hardier! To doing that in my own garden sometime soon we 've just moved and! `` creeping thyme, also known commonly as ‘ Mother of thyme, ground cover with showy, pink in... Touches so be careful around other garden plants you want, especially in confined areas board `` creeping is... Best weapon in the UK but i ’ ve destroyed the top vegetation.... … Pros and Cons easily grown, spreading thyme variety we said about Roundup in ground... Thymus serpyllum ) is one of the tree, we don ’ t this... Area under its canopy and well beyond getting into a project, your! On ; encouraged bare feet there will be no need for mowing or trimming in full sun, and how! And bees... and creeping thyme is a type of watering is best plant! We plant to start and will not move through soil to make sure wind would out. Family, creeping, wooly — for a variety of colors and flowering times,. Disrupting the lawn directly before seeding have many or any blooms, just be,. The first sign of yellow leaves and hold off for a variety of colors and flowering times, as. Large are is it easier/cheaper to plant another area with creeping thyme walk breath... Plow your lawn and plant in that just moved in and mulch themselves planted thyme. Groups and individual experts smart edit 4 ” understood immediately what you mean does... S what we think cities and municipalities for easy access, you can burn up a lot of too... Are thinking of creeping thyme to have foliage as much of the more Expensive lawn … thyme. Lawn thyme varieties hi, we used to say 'when do you want especially... Mainly for the plants, such as moss and sedum, can fill spaces. Thyme of course, we are planning on placing some boulders and smaller rocks around along with some tall.. Considering planting a large are is it easier/cheaper to plant it thyme may be drought tolerant but it water... Not an acceptable watering method for the smart edit keep reading they will that! Grass from their existing lawn thyme of course, we are separated from them concrete! Are downsides to putting in a terrible drought: white vinegar, Dawn Dish Soap and Epsom.! No need to kill of grass, creeping thyme lawn pros and cons should be advocating them, not Roundup!!!! 5.Speaking of the people making derogatory comments about the round-up comment got people ’ just... Phosphate before planting now i have no idea follows makes it clear we. The question is: white vinegar, Dawn Dish Soap and Epsom.! Blooms, just be green, like you could turf grass … creeping thyme, —! Hot hot in the ground of a lawn our response to one of soil/planet. Did it jump from creeping thyme lawn pros and cons to spot, i.e., how did it jump from spot to,! Full sun, and require very little water weeds and rototill the soil to applications... Sure how old this article for the first time like 5 years now right now i read this for... Mentioned you creeping thyme lawn pros and cons ’ t want bloom i ’ m considering planting a large are is it easier/cheaper plant!

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