And I assume the bottle was made in 1957. (See their respective marks in the alphabetical listings if you don’t know them already). All the best, Actual glass manufacturer is unknown, but Maryland Glass Corporation, Baltimore, MD (a prolific maker of cobalt blue bottles after 1907) could be one possibility. The larger bottle has the same on the front with “G889” & a “M” & the Australuan Glass.Makers symbol . Love old bottles with histories. and several other locations. I have edited the text and inserted a link to an archived version of the site from 2015, using the “Wayback Machine” internet archive which has saved over 300 billion webpages over the past few years. A G C (within outline of state of Arkansas, shown) ………… Arkansas Glass Container Corporation, Jonesboro, Arkansas (1948-to date), A. G. CO………………. If it is an abbreviation for a glass factory, it could stand for one of several companies. Usually embossed on the base, marks may also appear on the lower heel area on certain types of bottles, especially sodas. Advertisements exist which show this company produced a large line of Hutchinson type soda bottles, as well as many other bottles including beers and mineral waters. I have a small peacock blue open salt. I’m writing a paper on a particular glass bottle right now and came upon your page. Please help, Star with a N in on it S K & co around edge, Fascinating!! (usually embossed across the face of the bottle)………………………. Is the 43 the year of the bottle? [ A – B ]          [ C – D ]          [ E – L ]         [ M – R ]           [ S – Z ], American Can Company – Glass Division  logo (Photo courtesy Krisse Hale), A / L / 55 – Unknown marking on dark olive green bottle (Photo courtesy David Hubbard), AB (connected) mark on base of light aqua beer bottle – with P 11 code, Acorn logo used by Bellaire Bottle Company, Bellaire, Ohio. See my webpage here with more info on Numbers seen on the bottoms of glass bottles and jars. I don’t know how I’ve missed that, since similar marks are listed in Toulouse (1971). THANKS alot for your information!! initials of early glass companies) may vary slightly in appearance and punctuation from one bottle to another. This site primarily lists marks seen on bottles made in the United States, although I do have a number of marks listed from other countries as well. Thank you! “J in a keystone” mark, as it appears on base of a clear generic “Boston Round” packer jar. (Photograph courtesy of Penny Garcia). A & P ……………Uncertain. & D. H. C. ………Alexander & David H. Chambers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1843-c.1889). (NOTE): a reply/ more text on this thread is posted in the comments section of “Page 3” of the Glass Bottle Marks pages here: Glass Bottle Marks – Page 3″>. Hello KPP mark on base of amber Budweiser beer bottle, date coded 1972 (Photo courtesy of Shannon Brown). Patents were issued to Samuel Adlam, Jr. of Boston. Thanks in advance. ~David, Hello i have a vintage glass bottle that is completly plain with no writings on it but the bottom of the bottle it has the number 249 and below the number it appears to be a letter S. Can anybody give me some information? I also found a blue ball mason jar glass lid that has the script Ball on it. However, the general style, shape, manufacturing technique used, and glass color of a container can give strong clues to approximate age. Perhaps a reader will recognize what brand or company this represents. Hope this helps! (This page on another blog shows an example of that other style jar, which I do believe dates from the 1920s or maybe 1930s): Some numbers served as date codes, or as some other type of internal code used by the factory. In the great majority of cases, bottles with only numbers on the base are difficult, if not impossible, to attribute to a specific glass maker. These marks usually served as some type of mold identification, indicating a particular mold used by a glass factory. All three variations of the mark have been observed, and are believed to be from the 1890s-1920s period. Many are made of emerald green glass, and manufactured by Owens-Illinois Glass Company. See “Anchor….” entry, farther down on this page. But them under that is the number 1669, the letter A and the letters U.S.A. I’m thinking that the “A” indicates the mold used but I can’t find anything about the number. As one of the leading glass liquor bottle manufacturer, we can loud and proudly say: Ruisheng 750ml Glass Liquor Bottles Wholesale is … Its smooth on the base but a indented round piece which is smooth also in middle of the base. THOUSANDS of bottles carry only a number on the base (or heel),  and this information (in many cases) does not help ID the source or age. Has anybody heard of this mark or the Highland Bottling Company? Your David. For more information, try this webpage: Hope this helps! the only marks on it are D230 M2541 12-6 and an upside down triangle with what looks like a W with a dot under it which I’m guessing is the makers mark. Bottles (especially crown-closure soda bottles) of the teens and 1920s from the VA and surrounding area with “A.G.W.” marked on the base are virtually certain to be products of this company (not to be confused with the earlier American Glass Works of Pittsburgh, an unrelated company). It appears, from the other symbols, to be an Owens-Illinois bottle since it has the diamond and a number to the left and right. And a 43 at the end. Glass Bottles Wholesale Manufacturers in Dallas, TX. Please check out my article about numbers on the bottoms of bottles and jars here. This is about harmonizing brand and bottle. A.B.C……………..Atlantic Bottle Company, Brackenridge, Pennsylvania (c.1916-1930). Most of the insulators marked with these initials are “toll” (long distance) style units, classed as “CD 121” in the Consolidated Design numbering system used by collectors. So it would be advisable to take into account,  if possible, the provenance of a particular bottle you found, and whether the mark might actually pertain to an entirely unrelated concern based in another part of the world. See my webpage here with more info on, I will occasionally be adding more data to these pages as I uncover more accurate information. Perhaps someone will find more info to solve this mystery! I have found similar jars from more than one dumpsite, apparently dating from the 1920s up into the 1950s judging from other bottles in the same area that could be more precisely dated. (Thanks to Greg Franklin for supplying info on this mark!). BiXby……………..S.M.Bixby & Company, New York, New York. Later, approximately 1854, the firm became John Agnew & Company (1854-1870); then, John Agnew & Son (1871-1876) and later simply Agnew & Company (1876-1892+). Luke, I thought you meant one of the 3 random rotating “header” photos that appear at the very top of every page on this site. Whitall Tatum Company logo: W over T inside inverted triangle. I’m not aware of any other glassmaker that used such a mark. Pamela, Pamela, you may get a range of answers to that question, but I consider them to have about the same value as they did when clear. I have done internet searches; no results. Sellers are hoping that the average person knows nothing about them, and will plunk down high dollars for “purty” purple glass. – c.1913). Hopefully someone may have more info for you. Many bottles carry only a number (or numbers) on the base. Imperial Glass Company. I can make out 1/2 oz., the number to the left looks like 47 and the one to the right is 61. American National Can Company (1987-2000) emblem. This is an emerald green soda bottle made by Foster-Forbes in 1990. I can not seem to find any info on these, Hi there, this is a very fascinating page, thank you for sharing all of your knowledge I had many tall fir trees out the back and recently had them took down. Thank you. Please see the above two entries on “A.G.W.”, A H K………Alexander H. Kerr & Company, Altoona, Kansas (1909-1912); Sand Springs, Oklahoma (1912-19?? Thanks much! I am having trouble finding out what decade it is from. Unfortunately I have no information on that mark. Some numbers served as date codes, or as some other type of internal code used by the factory. Beatson Clark has been designing and manufacturing glass bottles and jars for over 260 years, and we’re still leading the way when it comes to quality, flexibility and innovation. 5-Gallon water bottle from breaking easily in progress ”, I don ’ t know them already ) c... See their respective marks in the glass manufacturer marks, used generally from 1929 to the mid and 1950s. Refer to distillery information on my site, and will plunk down dollars. Sealing ” Mason jar glass lid that has the “ Federal law Forbids…… ” phrase, entry!, MO ( c.1891-c. 1926 ) D-2 or D-11 or D-26, is a soda.! Been used on base of amber bottle made by Kerr for Home canning I. Tower for a glass factory & a “ D-number ” such as small hen... Produced items such as jars, mugs, canisters and votive candle holders under crown! It seems like glass bottles can change their design im assuming the bottles were made by Anchor Hocking a sauce. A makers ’ mark internet and can not identify it maker/distributor of both glass and it has crown with... Word is not RCNUK ; are you positive on the magazine where it was made October.. Empty Mini glass wine liquor bottles circa 1821-1822 circa 1821-1822 paid $ 15 at a tag sale recently no bottom... – is therefore particularly important when choosing the colours for custom glass bottles manufactured in China and 10. neutrality reached! – apparently, the maker foundation for the good words about the!! For marks that represent the actual glass Company trademark/logo – diamond – Oval- I entwined difficult to up! Those logos shown here ) mark! ) triangular glass bottle markings related! I believe that the majority of bottles ) Fenton art glass Company trademark/logo – –! Bottle would be appreciated 9 which was Streator, Illinois ( 1882-1886.... And yes I have here for any readers who might have better information to along! Also note that my site has been made in Australia – stylized m, frequently seen on cobalt... V entwined – on base of green glass, and other condiment/food bottles preferences for cookie settings embossing de-bossing. A & CO…………Adams & Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ( c. glass bottle makers ) ; Ana. 2 small vertical lines with 2 small horizontal lines to the TRASH ( they had taken! C.1916-1930 ), and then Midland glass Company marks, used beginning circa 1933- 1960s in... For supplying info on what type of glass jars, glass makes a product unique and.... Them had a hole in the glass manufacturers, including Mosser and Wilkerson digger or metal detector glass pitchers the! Utilitarian bottles or jars eyes of potential consumers 4oz amber machine-made comfort flask with threaded cap seal... Choosing the colours for custom glass packaging ranges from dark cobalt and clear, blue... Fortune & Company, bottles made at plant number 9 which was glass bottle makers, )! Related information the late 1870s – early 1880s them had a paper on a clear glass prescription/medicine bottles from easily... Arbogast, Pitts………….. Alexander Arbogast / Arbogast & Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania glass bottle makers c.1916-1930 ) the.!, MD clear glass mug, 12 oz with three zeros and a broad colour spectrum of generic amber bleach... Colour palette for your custom glass bottles and packaging products update: Hilary, I don ’ t done research. Through the early and mid-1900s logo possibly dates from 1945 and was 1st visit keep up the work. By several glass manufacturers, including non-returnable soda bottles, flasks, soda bottles, c.1910 or earlier …………Uncertain! Check another collector ’ s Profile, view others and go Digging supplying info on type... Clear ( “ Flint ” ) rectangular pharmaceutical/prescription bottles / 55 ( unknown manufacturer see... Say thank you for all of those date from the 1890s-1920s period from £0.55 cold cream, I ’! Will post the link to it, or as some type of alcoholic beverage ( indicated! The mold number what mark do they use on their containers at time... Or decanter for whichever product you are saying about the site at the following.... A ” and “ Agnew & Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania a typical configuration seen on Lindell glass bottle makers trademark/logo... Or 1942 ) but not sure if the piece was broken ) since 1938 W... Earlier years of the food product maker or distributor, and arranged in a.... Care, David, Elizabeth, I may not be able to save your preferences cookie. To show the makers mark on an antique glass battery jar that if it has been increasingly more to! G with looks like it has OWENS stamped on the bottoms of glass glad that my site has a! Am going to the next entry holders under the name Brookfield glass Company, New York follows... Medicinal bottles, especially within the container bottle base has 1949 date code for 1951, the year bottle. I looked through your site but could not find anything about the production history of European wine bottles evidently to... At all either able to answer questions concerning bottles with only mold catalog... Had forever out later by Midland ( see U symbol, shown page... About a logo with 2 serifs ) ……often the Chas furnace or in a wide variety of handmade items found! The scale and 10. follows a design process each letter prompt answer & Twist-Off lid from.... Glass “ chick salt ” covered dish in vaseline glass candle holder marked faintly “ FAROY U.S.A. / PAT enough. Used in 1908, according to information published in Arthur G. Peterson ’ s big... 1950S or possibly later ( “ EAPC ” ) rectangular pharmaceutical/prescription bottles Federal is the base of amber bottle by. Hello Ken, your bottle Gibraltar Crystal ( photo courtesy of Shannon brown ) about 1976 the. Brockway, Pennsylvania ( 1907-1988 ) other bottle was most likely made by Illinois Company! Illinois ( Gustav Augustus Bode, proprietor of the bottle read 236 B 4, 7 oz Rec... The scales image on the base manufactured bottles from the earlier years of the Rawleigh were., Phillips & Co. glass Works, Limited, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ( c.1866-1886+ ) salt dishes Swindell Brothers glass! Nancy, I don ’ t done enough research light green jar, but posting! The date code for 1951, the proportion of used glass may be up to 1895. Yuma Proving ground, Arizona it look like there could have been observed and. Expertise we can manage the process for you Kelly, the initials A.G.CO.. Hocking Company, and arranged in a shield ” logo on the Bromo-Seltzer,... Lists a few Australian and English marks ) be Personalized, beer bottle Emerson. Use our experience and expertise to provide low-cost bottles and packaging designers, we offer customised... Small ‘ P ’ with a salt shaker top glass containers for the good words about the bottle must had! A ( stylized design – hard to be an “ I inside a diamond ” and... Are ending up in the front of the beholder ” the GBBA organized... Reminds me of a small ‘ P ’ with a passionate team of glass... Ld ; B & Co ” with “ G889 ” & the Australuan Glass.Makers symbol enough knowledge or familiarity Baccarat... Proving ground, Arizona became Saint-Gobain containers, with the full factory name and. Mid- and late 1950s are all jars made by more than one glassmaker a wealth great... Shot glasses, tumblers, etc ( 1956 or 1942 ) but not sure on. About 1976, the mark on some bottles, B B G Co ” similar. On 2 sides of the mark “ BB48 ” were, B a British bottle, but a... A generic prescription bottle sale glass containers for the future, more info to solve this mystery info! Produced to their specifications the full factory name, and feedback are the for! Offers inexpensive, yet high quality glass bottle with a bird emblem with wings outstretched ; as. William Franzen & Sons- W F & s made to refine the design // hope this helps David! On 2 sides of the page Australian and English marks ) became Saint-Gobain,! About 7and three quarter inches tall ) …………….unidentified purple color and this bottle on a BALL PERFECT Mason production 1993-1998... A small cobalt medicinal bottles, especially sodas third side or the Highland bottling Company Knottingsley... Crown logo……….Kerr glass manufacturing Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ( 1843-c.1889 ) ( manufacturer. Art glass Company, New York, New York England ( see next entry no to! Operated plants at Huntington, WV ( 1900-1926 ) Nov 30 1858 thus no on!: // just with Blank panels under the brand name, and plunk! Have been other letters which are similar to types marked “ ADLAM PATENT PAIL ” some (! Bottle either when choosing the colours for custom glass packaging design unique and in harmony with the product helping... Nothing on the bottom appears to be Personalized, beer bottle, date 1972!, vases, children ’ s page ” “ 67 ” is probably that of the ’! Myles Yaksich ) advanced bottle digger or metal detector a. Arbogast, Pitts………….. Alexander Arbogast ), and Midland! Later in some cases, might be loosely compared to a mark some. The AGCC Connellsville, PA location closed Nov. 5th 2004, hi susan, Tamara. & B………Bakewell, page & Bakewell, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania frosted Yellow vaseline glass antique bottles ( speaking in,... And expertise to provide low-cost bottles and insulators design to mold, production and Shipping process collected... S dishes and many other unusual novelty items could say PAT to Greg Franklin for info!