Try to appreciate that through art you might learn more about yourself, humanity, or consider ideas you never had before. This would be after WW1, but before the Nazi party began to get traction. The power and Brutality of the Titans correlates to the power and brutality of the different war-time efforts during the great war. If we are looking historically Japanese-American citizens were locked away during the second world war. The whole stab in the back thing was more promoted by the Nazis as many people like Hitler felt they hadn't lost the war more than how the treaty actually treated them. People weren't treating the Germans like shit after the war in other places. Attack on Titan – Marleyan Dilemma and the Eldian Other, Attack on Titan – We are the Same – Fortress William. The truth is that Eldian treatment happens all over the world, in different ways and different times. I want to address the worst one that I have seen so far, the idea that the Eldians are connected with real world Jews. I've said this before but, the parallels to Germany and the world wars are purely aesthetic. I don't see a Nazi similarity, but I do see similarities which create the opportunity for a party like that to emerge. If you're talking about the Eldians outside of Paradis Island (the one's where [Spoiler Alert] Reiner come from), that was because of the Marleyans. Want to restore Elidian empire to their former glory (third empire = third reich) Practice eugenics and value pure breeds / noble or royal blood. According to the character Udo, the treatment of Eldians from the Marley nation is a lot tamer compared to the rest of the world. As Gross implies, Eldia has always used the titan power to subjugate and oppress their enemies (especially with how adamant Eren is in killing all of his enemies, Grisha using titans for an Eldia first nationalistic purpose)and given how it’s rulers have acted in even amongst themselves in the titan civil war. Eldians aren't committing war crimes for no reason, they are literally facing extinction now that modern technology has caught up with titans. They have German names and phenotypes, their ancestors were clearly modeled off Germanic tribes, and the idea of titans come from the eoten of Norse folklore. Have something I should know? This is cons… It even happens in the modern day. ( Log Out /  It’s not the same. In short, Marleyan and Eldians used to live on the same place, before an Eldian of royal blood, Ymir Fritz, made a contract with the Earth Devil to gain a power. The eldian restorationists are essentially neo nazis. The way to find blame with others that aren’t like you, and use them for your own political purposes is sick. Everything they’re grappling with, about the cost for the survival of humanity…it’s really about the survival of who they are. One I've flushed out a bit in my own head, but that only gets so far. Il choisit alors d'abandonner le conflit sur le continent pour déplacer la capitale d'Eldia vers l'île isolée de Paradis. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Blitzkrieg tactics. After all it’s easier to blame others for your own failures. There’s a lot of people that argue that the Eldians are an allegory for the Jews and that Marley is somehow indicative of Nazi Germany. There's a good amount of … I have no doubt this was intentional. The Treaty of Versailles was actually fairly lenient compared to the Treaty of Brest Litovsk. The Royalty being scared and re-wiping their minds to keep them subdued. So where does the confusion come? Eren is essentially doing what King Reiss did but, he isn't pretending. Both sides of Eldians have never experienced true freedom. I understand that some might not be able to separate reality from fiction but there are important distinctions to be made between fiction and reality. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Exploitation of the other is constant and cyclical. Hurray you can connect dots between the two. -They share a metaphysical link with each other. Attack on Titan starts in a society where supposedly all of humanity miserably exists within the confines of three large walls, with the outside world seemingly ravaged by terrible man-eating Titans. OBVIOUSLY, this is not a perfect representation, but taken the brutality of the great war(Lining up with the brutality of the Titans) and type of propaganda used by pretty much every side to demonize the opposition(Think about how Armin finally tried to talk to a Titan, but Bertholdt finally fell to the brainwashing that all Eldians need to be destroyed. Try to understand that not everything is about the Jews. 2 thousand year old empire. Thanks for reading if you got this far... Again, not trying to start a fight, only discuss this theory. At least half of them. How can anyone actually think that Eldians are Jews? The Eldians, the journal revealed, once ruled the world, their reign stretching back nearly 2,000 years. I AM NOT SAYING GERMANS EAT PEOPLE. Given what we have seen and clues given both direct and implied, this seems to be true. Please flair posts correctly to not get spoiled and to not spoil anything to anyone. The similarities with Nazism is very distinct here. I want to know! Is there anything you would like me to cover? Attack On Titan season 4 shows how Marley has found a use for their unwanted Eldian population - send them to war. And yes while Pearl Harbor was a horrific event, the overreach was a clear mistake. Marley using the titans in wars has caused the rest of the world to hate Eldians and once titans stop being useful a holocaust scenario will follow. After Y. Fritz. The point of the story having Eren's race be the evil devils is to flip the script on them. Some might even say it was unfair, despite what happened during WW1. Do you agree? Either the Wall Eldians win, repopulate the world with any survivors and we have a happily ever after-the-war. Its habitants are the Eldians. Ok, So I've heard the theory that the Titans are supposed to be the Jewish people. I also want to point out that bertholdt did not fall for the propaganda, he explicitly said that he realizes that it's not that one or the other is evil, it's that they're on different sides and have opposed goals that can't be resolved through talking. Only feeling that the life they have is not complete and that there is more outside their walls, but feeling trapped and not knowing why. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Germany was actually pretty well treated after the war considering in comparison in how they treated Russia. But that didn't really add up in my head. 9 of the Japanese constitution, enacted following WW2). Eldians are NOT human anymore. Then the icing on the cake was well Germany wasn't that wrong, the Eldians murdered us for 2,000 years. The Germans weren't "oppressed" like the Eldians, they had their own country and could travel as they wanted, they were just poor. I couldn’t say exactly why, but people seem to forget that other races and peoples have been put into internment/holding/re-education camps. If we find out that Ymir went to the "Demon of the World" out of response to some other horrifying event, then I'd become more confident in this theory, but please remember, this IS JUST A THEORY! Après 1 700 ans, 145ème roi Fritz est entré en possession du Titan Orginel. Most of the characters are just too flimsy to handle it properly, in my opinion. Also the Japanese-American citizens were also given a chance to prove their loyalty to America by being allowed to fight against Germans in Europe. I’ll be here. Why are people comparing the two? Military Police is the SS. I am only point out what I see as similarities between the Eldian Empire after the "GREAT TITAN WAR" and the German people after the Great World War. In the shows endings for examples, we can see the power of titans being used since medieval era as well. Après la conquête du peuple Mahr, les sujets d'Ymir créèrent une nouvelle nation appelée d'Eldia. German socialist Klaus Theweleit, ... Once the Eldians will have died out, the world shall be left to the Marleyans, who can thenceforth live on in peace. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Of course these are reminiscent of treatment that Jews had received during Hitler’s Germany during the second world war. Les familles possédant les huit Titans se battaient souvent entre elles mais le pouvoir du Titan Originel a toujours maintenu l'ordre dans les terres d'Eldia. To start with, I’d like to explain why I don’t think this twist goes beyond a poorly conceived allegory. It’s a sickening part of human psychology. Due process clearly denied, an entire race was being treated like they were the enemy. Later on in the story Isayama also brings in stuff from Japanese history as well. 2,000 years ago, a girl named Ymir gained the power of the Titans, becoming the first Titan to ever walk the earth. The power of the Founding Titan. Images Of Attack On Titan Eldians Explained Image Of Depending on whom you believe ymir is the first person to gain the power of the titans by either making a deal with the devil or touching the source of all life. Following Falco, Gabe, Udo and Zofia, you see the Eldians' struggle which Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie have also gone through. That's just painfully not true. These were inherited by nine of her subjects, with one receiving her role as the Founder. With their Titan powers the Subjects of Ymir waged war against Marley, a natio… 13 years after acquiring the power of the Titans, Ymir Fritz passed away and her power was split into the Nine Titans.